100 People Call Someone to Say "I Love You." | Cut (2023)


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100 People Call Someone to Say "I Love You." | Cut

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(Phone ringing) - [Levi] What up? - I just wanted to call and..


Not, I'm gonna get emotional.

And, say, I, love, you., (breathes, out), (inspirational, music), (spritzing) - [Interviewer] Take out your phone please.

- Oh.

My gosh.

- Oh God.

- [Interviewer] Call someone and tell them that you love them.

- Wait, that's.

So cute.

- Aww..

(sighs) - Ooh..

(laughs) - [Interviewer] Who.

Are you gonna call? - Let me check my phone.

- Oh,? This is so hard to choose.

- Oh, not that person.

- I would say my roommate., (phone ringing) - [Roommate] Hey, what's up? - I love you.

- [Roommate] I'm.

So confused, are you dying? - No, I'm? Not dying.

- I love you, cause you're.

My brother, man.

You've been there for me.

You got my back and I got yours, man.

- [Brother] What's going on man? You all right? (laughs) - You think I'm kidnapped, tied up, saying, goodbye.

- I'm gonna call my mom.

- My mom.

- Mom.

- My gay mother.

- Of course, I'm gonna call my mom.

We're all mama's boys., (phone, ringing) - [Mom] Hello Alex.

You need anything from Costco? (laughs) - No, I don't need anything from Costco, I'm good.

- I.

Appreciate you.

I, love, you., Love, you.

- [Mom] Okay, I love.

You too.

- I'm just calling to let.

You know that I love you.

- I love you.

- Love you.

- I love you.

- Mom, I was just calling to let.

You know that I love you.

- [Mom] What's.

The catch? - I love, you dearly and I, miss you and I'm.

So proud of everything that you're doing.

- [Mom] Thank you? - Why?! Why was that a question?! - I've loved you for all the times that I've been not so great.


You continue to love me, anyway.

- [Mom] Yes, unconditional love.

- Okay, don't shade me.

- [Mom] I love you even more than you ever, ever, ever will know.

- Aw, mom.

- [Mom] Strong woman.


My daughter.

- Oh, I, (bleep) hate y'all., (laughs), (phone, ringing) - I don't think she wants to talk to me.

- [Operator] Please, leave your message.

For..., (phone ringing) - [Mom] Hello? - Hi, mommy.

I, just called to tell you that I love you so much., And, I, miss you.

- [Mom] Love.

You too.

(sniffs) - Bye.

- Bye.

- [Interviewer] Why was that so emotional for you? - I grew up without my mom for 13 years., And I think for a long time, I blamed her for not being there for me.


It hasn't been until very recent that I can hold onto that.

And like, I need to be grateful.

- [Interviewer] Call someone and tell them that you love them.

- Who should I call? - [Interviewer] Who needs to hear it? - It's a good question.

- Ugh..

- Mmm..

- That makes it interesting.

- My heart just started going a little.

- I got one.

- I'm gonna call my dad.

- My dad.

- [Operator] Please, leave your message for..

- This it's awkward.

- I would call my dead dad, but that's like kinda weird., And.

Also, probably someone else has his phone number by now.

- I'm gonna call my dad, because we have kinda strained.


There was a bunch of marital issues.

So it can be pretty resentful.

I haven't really told him that I loved him, in years.

(phone ringing) - [Dad] Hey, Buti! I'm, calling you to tell you that I love, you., And, I, do.

- [Dad] Whoa! - Do you..


You have anything to say..

(laughs), ...to, that? - [Dad] Hmm..

I, don't think I've heard you tell me that one for a while.

- Yeah.

- [Dad] I'm very happy to hear that.

I love.

You too.

- Love.

You too.


- [Interviewer] Feeling okay? - Yeah, I..

I, just didn't really expect him to be emotional like that.

That felt good.

- When I was little.

My parents didn't say, I love, you a lot to me.

So, my parents and I wouldn't, usually say, I, love you.

- [Interviewer] Do.

You tell people that you're close to, that you love them? - A hundred percent, except for my dad.

(laughs) - [Interviewer] Why don't you..

- But I'm, not (bleep) calling my dad, no way.

- [Interviewer] How.

Do you think your dad would respond.

If you told him, you love him? - He's probably like, Oh, Evan, all right, yeah., I mean, I'll do it like (bleep) - [Interviewer] Put him on speaker, let's, see what happens.

- Yeah, (bleep), it., (phone, ringing) - [Dad] What's.

The dealio, Evan? - What's up dad? Going to call you and tell you I, love you, dad.

- [Dad] Oh, that's.

So great Evan., (laughs) - [Dad] You hanging up? - Ugh..

I'll talk to you later, dad.

- [Dad] Okay.

- All right.

You, see how he doesn't say it back., Yeah, he's, just a goofball.

It's, all good.

- [Interviewer] Call someone and tell them that you loved them.

- I can call my best friend.

- My best friend.

- Very best friend.

- Abdul.

- Baxer.

- Brandon.

- Chris.

- Chichi.

- Maria.

- Reina.

(phone ringing) - [Operator] The mailbox is full and cannot accept any message.

- Okay..

(laughing) - [Operator] Your call ended..

Please, leave your message.


The voicemail box.

- Well.

You son of a..

- People don't answer, the phone, anymore., (laughs), (bleeps) - I love you.

But you didn't pick up (bleep).

The phone.

(laughing) - I just wanted to say, real, quick, I, love, you., I'm, calling you, because I want to tell you that I love you.

- [Woman] Oh..

(laughing) Noura.

- I finally said, it.

- I love you, I, love you so much.

- [Woman] Aww..

I love.

You too.

This made my day.

- [Woman] I, love you, because you love me.

Because of what you see.

And, sometimes I don't, see it in myself, and it makes me feel wonderful.

It just made my day.

Thank you.

- You're very welcome! - I'm gonna call my best friend.

- [Dee] Hello.

- I love you, because you have been my go-to and you're getting me emotional.

And my number one forever.

(laughs) - I really love you and I, just hope that you're doing great.

- [Woman] I'm, making it, I, miss you., You're like my sister.

And one of my best friends, all rolled into one.

And, I, love, you., I, love you so much, you're, making me cry.

- You still there, Dee? - [Dee] Uh-huh.

I love.

You too.

- I'm gonna call Levi.

(phone ringing) - [Levi] What up? - I just wanted to call and..


Not, I'm gonna get emotional.

And, say, I, love, you., We're going through a lot right? Now.

Our friend who's in a coma.

But I, just want to call and tell you I, love you.

- [Levi] Aww, I, know., I, love, I, love.

You too.

I mean.

You've helped me out through so much, so.

- Likewise.

- [Interviewer] Why.

Do you think telling somebody we love them and like can stir up emotions? - Because that's, not an easy thing to to feel or to say, it's hard to be vulnerable.

- [Interviewer] Who? Are you thinking about calling? - One of my sisters..

- My sister.

- Sister.

(phone ringing) - [Woman] Hello.

- Wanted to call you and tell you how much I love you.

How, much I, appreciate us, being able to reconnect and like hash out our differences.

- [Woman] Look.

This isn't, an episode of "This is Us", okay?, I, don't..., (laughs) - [Woman] I always got you., Don't doubt, that.

- Oof, okay.

- [Woman] I, love you.

- I love.

You too.

All right.

- I think I should call my brother.

- My brother.

- One of my brothers.

- Maybe.

My brother would like to hear that.

I, love you.

- [Brother] I love.

You too.

(laughs) - [Brother] Later, loser., (beeping), (laughs) - I'm gonna call him again.


Dare he do this? Hey man, that was supposed to be like a legit, beautiful brother and sisterly moment.

- [Brother] Aww.

- What a mistake.

- I love you.

- [Man] I love.

You too.

It's nice to hear.

- You need to say that more often.

- [Man] I'mma to slip it into your calendar.


You do anything that's in your calendar.

- Yes, I do.

- [Interviewer] Do.

You have any siblings? - Ah, yeah.

I have an older brother.


We don't we don't talk every now and then.

I can call him.

(phone ringing) - [Brother] Hey.

- Um, I.

Just want to tell you, I love.

You dude., I, I feel as if I don't say that enough, or we rarely say, that.

- [Brother] Oh, that's, cute., (laughs), Love, you too man.

- [Interviewer] Did.

You think he'd react that way? - My brother's.

Someone who's like not really the most outspoken in terms of what he's feeling.

And so, being at a point where I can actually hear him say, I, love, you back.

As opposed to him kind of ignoring it., Yeah., Ah, emotions.

- [Interviewer] Call someone and tell them that you love them.

- Hmm.

- Oh, great.

- I know, just exactly who to call.

(phone ringing) - [Grandma] Well.


There! - Hey, Grandma., It's, Austin., I, love.

You grandma.

- [Grandma] I love.

You too.


(laughs) - [Grandma] This is so cool.

You can say it again.

(laughs) - I love you.

- [Woman] Love.

You too.

Hearing, your voice, it's, appreciated.

- Uh-huh.

People text and do all that kind of stuff and it's so impersonal to me.

- I'll make sure to call you more often, kay? - [Woman] Alrighty.

- All right, love you.

- [Woman] Love.

You too.

- Bye.

- I'll call you back later.

- [Woman] I, love you.

- I love.

You too.

- I love you.

- [Woman] Bye, I love.

You too.

- I love you, bye.

- [Man] Kay, bye.

- Bye.

- Bye.

- [Woman] See.

You soon, Okay? - Okay, Muah, I, love you.

- [Interviewer] What'd that feel like? - Much needed.

Like, I feel like we don't take enough time out of our days to do something like that, but I'm glad I did.

It sounded like she really needed it.

Oh, God., (slow, music, playing).


What does it mean to call someone love? ›

Love is a term for the expression of affection. Your partner calls you love because he sees it as a nickname reserved only for a loved one. Therefore, it's natural for some men to call their partners my love now and then. Such gestures help reinforce their love and strengthen their relationship.

Is it polite to call someone love? ›

It can mean a number of things. In the Southern United States, we use “love” the way someone would use “dear” or “honey”. “Hey love, can you hand me the butter” does infer a small, but polite amount of affection but it could be completely a matter of manners.

What happens when you call someone out? ›

This is because when you accuse someone of doing something bad, whether it was intentional or not — no one likes to be criticised, and no one reacts well to criticism. When you call someone out, you're satisfying your own ego. It doesn't always improve the situation, and it can more likely damage a relationship.

Is saying my love the same as I love you? ›

No. Terms of endearment are used for many reasons, and it is not necessarily out of any form of “endearment”. Most of the time it isn't.

Why do people call strangers love? ›

' The same reason Americans call someone'Honey'. It's a friendly informal term of endearment, used between both strangers and people you know. Despite some claiming This is a northern thing, it's commonly heard all over the UK.

When a man calls you babe? ›

To put it simply, when you call someone babe, it probably means that you have feelings for them. "Its use in any form means that you are attracted and proud to be with your partner," Sullivan says.

How soon is it to call someone love? ›

You might start to feel “love” if you haven't had a connection as intense or as quickly than it has with anyone else before. “I would say that it's most typical for people to say these words within a few months of dating exclusively,” says Cosgrove.

Is it flirty to call someone love? ›

It could be that that guy calls you “love” because he likes you. It could also be that he loves you, he could be flirting, or he may have dozens of other reasons. A guy calling you “love” may invoke deeper feelings for him … or the opposite, depending on his personality.

Is calling someone babe flirting? ›

Usually, if your S.O. is calling you babe, it's probably because they care about you or are speaking flirtatiously with you, and, as Sullivan said, calling you by your name might not get that across at the moment.

How do you call a girl out on her BS? ›

How to call someone out on their BS
  1. Silence is compliance. It's tempting to ignore problematic remarks, especially if they're not about you. ...
  2. Ask them to repeat themselves. ...
  3. Pretend you don't understand the 'joke' ...
  4. Hit 'em with the hypothetical.
Aug 25, 2019

How long before calling out? ›

Anytime you need to call out you should give your supervisor as much notice as possible before your shift begins, when possible you should contact your employer at least 2 hours before your shift so that they can plan and prepare for your absence.

How do you call someone out respectfully? ›

Here's a quick guide on the best way to call someone out (or in).
  1. Criticize the behaviour, not the person. “You're a racist” doesn't exactly make people willing to change. ...
  2. Be specific. ...
  3. Don't condescend. ...
  4. Decide whether to call out or call in. ...
  5. Consider waiting until you're not angry. ...
  6. Be prepared for the worst.
Feb 19, 2017

What is the strongest way to say I love you? ›

How to Say “I Love You”
  • I am here for you… always.
  • I'm yours.
  • I'm the luckiest person in the world.
  • We are meant to be.
  • I'd do anything to make you smile.
  • You are my soulmate.
  • My heart calls out for you.
  • I like the way you make me feel, even when you are not around.
Feb 9, 2014

How to know if you're in love? ›

Signs you're in love
  • You can be yourself. ...
  • You're willing to put in effort. ...
  • You're disinterested in other people. ...
  • You want to learn about their interests. ...
  • You prioritize their needs. ...
  • Your feelings get stronger. ...
  • You're grateful for them. ...
  • You're thinking of introducing them to your family.
Apr 18, 2023

Why do people say I love you? ›

It reinforces your feelings and helps remind your loved ones – whether your spouse, sweetheart, child or parent – that you are there for them and that they matter to you.

What do you call someone who secretly loves you? ›

paramour Add to list Share. A paramour is a lover, and often a secret one you're not married to.

Can I fall in love with a stranger? ›

Love is a strange phenomenon and a terrifically beautiful one, which can happen to any of us, at any time, even with a stranger where we feel entirely besotted by someone we don't even know. We all fall in love with people who are basically complete strangers as the intrigue is exciting and the unknown is a thrill.

Is it wrong to fall in love with a stranger? ›

You don't need to know someone to fall in love with him or her. In fact, we all fall in love with people who are basically complete strangers. However, not until you are capable of loving at a certain depth are you capable of truly loving. Anyone can fall in love.

Is it a red flag when a guy calls you babe? ›

This cute nickname he has established for you is his means of making it known that he wants you to be his baby. If your guy starts calling you “babe” while you're still in the talking stage, he's making moves on you. And it's a big deal! It's an excellent way to hint that he's interested in you.

Why does he calls me babe but I'm not his girlfriend? ›

He's flirting with you.

By calling you “babe,” he's making you think about what it would be like to be his girlfriend. He's probably hoping that you like what you imagine! Watch for other signs of flirting, like making a lot of eye contact with you or laughing at all your jokes (even when they aren't funny).

When a guy says goodnight with your name? ›

He uses your name in texts

Also, when a guy says goodnight with your name, he's interested in knowing you more. Research shows that using a person's name during conversation creates an environment of respect, recognition and consideration. A guy who likes you would want to convey that to you.

How soon do men say I love you? ›

Men often think about expressing feelings of love first. On average, it took them 97.3 days to consider saying “I love you,” while it took women just about 138 days to consider saying the words. Men didn't just think about confessing before women. They were also more likely to say “I love you” first.

What makes men fall in love? ›

According to love biologist Dawn Maslar, the chemicals dopamine and vasopressin are vital for a man to start falling in love, whereas it's oxytocin and dopamine for women. Oxytocin, often nicknamed the love or cuddle hormone, also plays an important role in men but at a later stage.

How early do men say I love you? ›

According to one survey, men take an average of 88 days to tell a partner "I love you," compared to a woman's 134. Moreover, 39 percent of men say "I love you" within the first month of dating someone, compared to just 23 percent of women.

Do guys like to be called love? ›

“My Love” and “Beloved” are great names for a more romantic situation. These nicknames are full of affection, and are a bit more serious than the cheesier pet names. They're simple and to-the-point, and sometimes that's what's best. “I can't wait to see you tonight, my love.”

When a guy is in love with you? ›

A man who's falling in love can hint at his desire for greater closeness and intimacy in many different ways. You may notice that he's prioritizing you, opening up more, and working hard to make you happy. He might show you his softer side, while also serving as a source of strength and comfort when you need it most.

What words are flirty? ›

  • amorous.
  • arch.
  • come-hither.
  • come-on.
  • coquettish.
  • coy.
  • dallying.
  • enticing.

What does it mean when a girl calls you Papi? ›

Borrowed by English, papi is a Spanish colloquialism for “daddy,” extended as a general term of endearment like “buddy” for a friend or “my man” for a romantic partner.

Is it OK to call your crush babe? ›

Absolutely. My best friend first started calling me by this name, and then I started using it too. We call each other babe most of the time. As explained by many people, as a form of endearment or fondness, using this expression is harmless.

How do you address a hot girl? ›

Keep it elegant with “You're ravishing” or be more forthright with “You're so hot.” “You're absolutely irresistible.” “You're stunning." “You're the most gorgeous woman I've ever seen.”

How to woo a girl out? ›

These 10 tips will help you be direct about your intentions without being disrespectful.
  1. Be chivalrous. ...
  2. Be flirtatious. ...
  3. Don't ignore her. ...
  4. But don't tell her everything about yourself at once, either. ...
  5. Give her a compliment. ...
  6. Find ways to remind her of you. ...
  7. Plan an epic date. ...
  8. Don't just listen to her.
Aug 20, 2018

How to ask a hot girl to be your girlfriend? ›

Different Wording Suggestions to Communicate Your Feelings
  1. "Will you be my girlfriend?"
  2. "You're the only girl I want. ...
  3. "I like you very much, and I'd like you to be my girlfriend. ...
  4. "I know you and I would make a great couple. ...
  5. "You'll make me the happiest person in the world if you say yes to being my girlfriend.

How many days does the average person call out? ›

Of those that did miss work or school due to ill health, 2-3 days of sick leave was most common. This statistic shows the number of sick days taken in the past 12 months from work or school/university among adults in the U.S. from 2020 to 2022.

What is considered excessive calling out? ›

SHRM defines excessive absenteeism as “two or more occurrences of unexcused absence in a 30-day period.”2 That's a valuable data point to use as a gauge for what counts as excessive absenteeism.

Is it OK to call in sick? ›

Some people stop everything at the first signs of a serious cold, stomach bug, or other illness. That might seem extreme, but it is a good idea to call in sick and take a pause to rest and regroup before you become seriously ill, especially those who are working in-person.

Should you call people on their BS? ›

“This varies tremendously across cultural settings, but in many settings, it is hard to call someone out on their B.S. Calling someone out on B.S. is a forceful act and is often seen as disrespectful,” Bergstrom says. However, he notes that it can be advantageous to learn to overcome this social norm.

What does call me on my BS mean? ›

You say I/we/etc. call B.S. when someone is being insincere, untruthful, or when something is false, misleading, or some similar circumstance. It generally means you don't believe someone.

How do you end a call without being rude? ›

On the Phone
  1. “I've got another call in a couple minutes; thanks so much for speaking with me, and I'll talk to you again [soon/in X days].”
  2. “My battery's pretty low, so I'm going to hop off. ...
  3. “It sounds like we've covered everything we needed to, so I'll let you go. ...
  4. “Can't believe it's already [time of day].

What's deeper than love? ›

Being enamored of something or with someone goes far beyond liking them, and it's even more flowery than love. Enamored means smitten with, or totally infatuated. Someone enamored with another will perhaps even swoon.

What's a bigger word for love? ›

On this page you'll find 294 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to love, such as: affection, appreciation, devotion, emotion, fondness, and friendship.

What are 3 words better than I love you? ›

Phrases that should be as important to us as a declaration of love.
  • "I forgive you."I forgive you for all the things have done, or will do, that may hurt me. ...
  • "I'll sacrifice for you."I'll sacrifice my time for you. ...
  • "I respect you."I respect you for who you are, and not for what I feel you deserve.
Feb 13, 2015

Can you tell if someone is in love? ›

They show empathy — in good times and bad

“Someone in love will care about your feelings and your well-being,” Dr. Flores said. “If he or she is able to show empathy or is upset when you are, not only do they have your back, but they also probably have strong feelings for you.”

What does real love feel like? ›

Passionate love feels like instant attraction with a bit of nervousness. It's the "feeling of butterflies in your stomach,"Lewandowski says. "It's an intense feeling of joy, that can also feel a bit unsure because it feels so strong."

Do I love him or am I just attached? ›

Difference between love and attachment

Love evokes fond feelings and actions toward the other person, particularly. Attachment is driven by how you feel about yourself with the degree of permanence and safety someone gives you, based on your past relationships.

Is saying I love you too soon a red flag? ›

While early relationship feels (and hormones) can be intoxicating, relationship experts warn that it might be a red flag if you or your partner is too quick to say, “I love you.”

Who usually says I love you first? ›

In 2011, a study on relationship commitment among college students found most of them believed women generally say “I love you” first. However, the study also showed that in reality, men are the ones who tend to feel and say it first.

How long is too long to say I love you? ›

According to 2020 OKCupid data on 6,000 people shared with mindbodygreen, 62% of people think you should say "I love you" "as soon as you feel it," whereas 22% think you should wait "several months," and 3% think you should wait "at least a year." On average, research has found men take about three months to say "I ...

Is it okay to call a man love? ›

If you're in a relationship, it's not unusual to give your partner nicknames, including but not limited to: bae, baby, my love, boo, sweetheart, etc.

Is it OK to call a girl love? ›

The nickname “love” pretty much is a synonym for baby, bae, darling, etc. So basically it means she is in love with you, or really likes you if she calls you that.

How do you respond to someone calling you love? ›

Show you're thankful if it's a friendly compliment.
  1. “Aw! You're really thoughtful.”
  2. “That feels really good to hear.”
  3. “You always see the best in me!”

What does love really mean to a man? ›

It is a feeling of strong affection and typically requires both positive and negative aspects, such as patience and understanding. It is not just a feeling but an emotion that is often expressed through actions, such as giving gifts, taking care of someone, or simply spending time together.

Who do you call someone you love? ›


A very affectionate term for a loved one or romantic partner.

How do you tell someone they are the love of your life? ›

With words:
  1. "I love you."
  2. "My feelings for you are deepening, and I am starting to fall in love with you."
  3. "You mean the world to me, and I appreciate you in my life."
  4. "I can't imagine you not being in my life."
  5. "I want to share more and more of my life with you every day."
Jul 8, 2022

When should a girl say I love you? ›

While men tended to consider confessions of love acceptable after about a month or so, women tended to say it was better to wait 2 to 3 months or so. Confessions of love generally inspired feelings of happiness, but men felt more positive about confessions that happened before the relationship became sexual.

Why does a man call you baby? ›

You can conclude that your guy cares about you if he's calling you “baby” or “babe.” It may not mean anything significant, but it can be a big step in some relationships. He may also be trying to be cute because some men use these terms when flirting.

What guys do when fall in love? ›

When guys fall deeply in love, they will want to talk to a special someone no matter what. When you see a man fall in love, he will want to do anything it takes for the woman to feel safe. For men to fall in love, they may express it through affection, which is important for both sexes.

Why would a guy call you love? ›

Sometimes, when a man calls you “love,” he expresses his affection for you. He may call you “love” as a way of saying he cares for you, or he may do it as a term of endearment. Either way, it's a good sign.

What's a flirty name to call a girl? ›

Some guys go the "classic" route with names like "angel," "darling," and "sweetheart"; some prefer food-inspired nicknames, like "cookie" and "cupcake"; and some straight-up worship their partners with loving names like "queen," "goddess," and "light of my life."

When a guy says love you over text? ›

When a guy says I love you over text, he is trying to imply that he wants to take your relationship to the next level. Here are some examples: If you were casually dating him, then perhaps he wants to date you exclusively. If the two of you were dating exclusively, then maybe he wants to move in with you.

Do guys say I love you to female friends? ›

Yeah you can. But don't say it unless you're prepared for the relationship to change in some way. Those words will always have an impact on a female, whether positive or negative.

Is calling someone honey flirting? ›

No, not at all. Sure, it may be a general term of affection, but it can be used as a common 'nickname' for anyone, or even in a patronizing manner, suggesting she might dislike you.

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