Bitten While Defending A Friend (2023)


They tell you to stand up for what's right when you're young. They don't tend to mention the consequences that can come with it. This is the story of how I got bitten while defending a friend from another kid and got in trouble for it.

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Hello, my geeks and peeps, my Explainers and Entertainers, my little oodle, lallies., Rebecca, Parham, here.


My young life, I've had a handful of noteworthy uh, [reads] people who habitually seek out to harm or intimidate, those whom they perceive as vulnerable.

Oh, sorry.

YouTube now, demonetizes the “b” word, and I, don't mean, Beetlejuice.

Beetlejuice., Beetlejuice.


My preparatory school, pretty much.

Most of my classmates didn't like me and picked on me from time to time.

But, a few of them made it a more regular thing.

One, such individual was a girl that we’ll call Milly.

She was a troubled young soul, little on the mad.


Had difficulty.

Understanding why people got upset when she punched them.

MILLY:, Aw, come on!.

We were just having fun! To, be fair, I wasn't.

Her only target;.

She was an equal opportunity.

Irritant., She.

Tormented, girls, boys, big, kids, small, kids.

Kids that climb on rocks, everyone.


She did everything from cheap insults, to stealing, to physical violence., When, you're, young.

Adults, tell you to stand up to kids like her defend the innocent, be a hero.

Do the right thing.? What.

They don't tell you is that sometimes doing the right thing still gets you in trouble.

Milly, I know, you're probably out there, grown up and a better person, but I'm using you as an example.

On with the show! It was sixth grade when Milly and I had our …little incident.

That year.

We had gotten a brand-new kid we'll call Greg.

Greg was a troubled.

Soul, too.

He had a very poor family life, all of the kids in the class relentlessly picked on him.

And he often retaliated not with his words, but his fists.

He hated everyone.

And everyone hated him.

Well, except me.

Seeing how he was a fellow social outcast, I couldn't, bring myself to be mean to him.

And in turn.

He was never mean to me.

You could even say we were friendly for a while.

Now at this tiny school.

We didn't have a cafeteria.

We all ate in the gym.

So one lunch time Greg and I were sitting on the bleachers eating and talking.

Now when Greg wasn't pummeling, the kids who made fun of him.

He kept a journal.

(Probably should have been his first choice for emotional, expression, but, hey, I'm, no psychologist.) And.

This day, he had his journal sitting out next to him on the bleachers.


We talked, Milly came over—you.

Remember her—.

She stood there chatting with us until she spied Greg's, journal., MILLY:, Ooo, what's, this?, GREG:, Don't, touch, it!, It's.

My journal.

MILLY:, A, journal?, Come, on!, Let's, see, it! In, a flash, Milly snatched the book out of his hands and ran off with it.

Greg gave chase, and to escape him, Milly ran into the girls’ locker.



The time I caught up with the two, Greg was standing just outside the locker.


Milly was standing just inside with the door open.

And she was reading from his journal out loud to the other girls inside, knowing full well.

He couldn't go in to stop her.


Remember Greg was a troubled kid.

There might have been some really heavy stuff in that journal that she was about to spill everywhere.

I saw all of this unfolding in front of me, and I knew I had to do something.

This was not right.

Time to stand up, as the adults say.

So, I ran into the locker room and began tussling with Milly for the journal.


One was getting hurt, mind you, just a lot of pulling and shuffling.

But tug of war quickly escalated into war.


You three guesses who took it too far., We struggled for about 10 seconds, before…it, happened., The.

Next thing, I knew.

She grabbed my wrist and bit down as hard as she could.

I, screamed, full voice.

And let go of the journal.


She finally, let go of me, I looked down at my wrist.

A perfectly gruesome bite in my skin.


It was pretty gnarly, looking, too., Those, serrated, indentions;.

It was already starting to bruise.


It was slobbery.


She didn't break the skin, because, listen.

Human bites are nothing to sneeze at.

Do, a Google search.

Mayo, Clinic says to seek emergency care.

If the skin is broken.

Apparently, we all have Komodo dragon mouths full of dangerous.


Actually, that kind of makes you rethink kissing., YOUNG, REBECCA: You--you bit me you actually bit me.


The hell is wrong with you? You're insane! I'm going to the nurse! Suddenly, Milly, wasn't so concerned about Greg and his journal anymore.

I marched right to the nurse's office with Milly behind me, trying to convince me not to go.

When I showed the nurse the bite, she disinfected it and called the principal.


Both got sent to his office.

I told him my story.

But when it was Milly’s turn to tell hers, she actually had the gall to say: MILLY: When.

She put her arm across my back, I, couldn't, breathe.

She was about to suffocate me.

So you see, I had no choice.

But to bite her., REBECCA:, Objection, your honor! No, I, didn't say, that., I, didn't say anything in that moment, because it wasn't “my turn to talk.” And.

Honestly, I was getting a little freaked out, because the principal was acting like I was just as guilty as Milly.


Don't know, if he honestly believed her lies, but he listened to our stories, and said, PRINCIPAL: Well.

Because both of you were horseplaying in the bathroom, you're, both in trouble.

YOUNG, REBECCA:, Horseplay?, PRINCIPAL: I'll be calling your parents today., Rebecca, you'll, be getting five demerits.

And, Milly, normally, I'd, give you five as well.

But because this is the second time I've seen you in my office.

This year, you will be getting ten.

Rebecca: I have several objections! Let's get this straight.

My crime.

My punishable offense was getting bitten while defending another kid.


The person who bit me would have gotten the exact same punishment as me if it hadn't been her.

Second, offense., Excuse, me, who hurt you?, Yeah, sure, maybe I could have politely asked the little sadist for the journal back, like she'd actually give it back., But, I, don't care who you are, there's, a very big difference between tug-of-war to get stolen property back and a full-blown bite that could have potentially ended in a hospital.


REBECCA, [Southern, accent]:, Lord, help us! Becca's, angry., Even as outrageous as it.

All was, I was beside myself.

All I could think about in that moment was that I was in trouble.

I was supposed to be the good kid.

The peacekeeper, the clean record., YOUNG, REBECCA, [thinking]:, Five, demerits, and he's calling my parents? They only do that for the bad kids.

Am, I, a bad kid, now?, Oh, Mom and Dad are gonna be so mad at me! He sent us back to class.

And for the rest of the day, I was a nervous, wreck, dreading.

The sound of that final bell., For sure, the principal had called Mom.

And the moment I set foot in her car, I was a goner.


The end of the day came, and I solemnly walked to my mom's car.

It felt like I was walking to my own execution.

I got in and silently awaited.

My fate.

MAMA, PARHAM:, Hey, sweetie, We're gonna be here a little bit longer.

We're, waiting on your sister to get out of basketball practice.

Young, REBECCA, [thinking]:, That--that's, it?, No, screaming, no lecture, no punishment? She's, not even gonna bring it up?.

Rebecca: I was a tad confused., YOUNG, REBECCA, [thinking]:, Wait, a minute.

She didn't get a call from the principal.

She, doesn't know, what happened.

Well, that's, not right.

She needs to know, or I got this bite on my arm for nothing., YOUNG, REBECCA, [inhaling]:, Look.

What Milly did to me.

MAMA:, Oh, hell, no!, MAMA, [roaring]:, Explain, yourself, KNAVE! We were in that principal's office for a good half hour, and Mom calmly explained, over and over and over again.

The absurdity of it all.

How backwards.

It is to punish a child for essentially being assaulted, especially while defending another child.


And here I was, terrified that she was gonna be mad at me.

By, the end of it.

She couldn't convince the principal to remove the five demerits, but it almost didn't matter.


I had done what's right.

I stood up for what I believed in.

And the people that mattered knew it.

It may come with consequences.

But doing good is its own reward.

And after that day, Milly backed off, and rarely bothered me or Greg ever again.

Just goes to show what can come from one act of bravery., Hey, oodle, lallies, Editor, Becca here, again., I hope, you're all doing okay during this strange time, but I wanted to show you what the Creator Ink team and I have been working on.

I'm really excited about this.

We have a new Witch of the Woods themed collection, out, available for pre-order.

We're also, bringing back The, Geek, Is, Strong with This One t-shirt, as well.

All of these items will be available for two weeks to pre-order.

And if you really like all three of the Witch of the Woods items, you can get them in a nifty, little bundle and save some money.

I'll leave a link to the shop in the description, below.

Please promise me that you will stay safe and stay home, Explainers.

Thank you so much for tuning in.

But now I must tune out.


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