DDG On “I’m Geekin” Remix Ft. Luh Tyler, Being Called An E-List Rapper & His Real Voice (2023)


DDG joins Justin Credible for an exclusive interview following the massive success of his track “I’m Geekin!” He tells Justin how he connected with Luh Tyler for the remix, and says he has another remix on the way.

DDG also shares the furthest he’s driven for a sneaky link, reacts to being called an E-list rapper, and speaks on the possibility of releasing an album in his real voice.

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Yeah, yeah, you know what time it is.

Man we're about to take a deep dive I'm, just incredible on the liftoff show for power.


I got my boy, ddg.

Yeah, man, how you doing great, my brother how you doing man, good nice to have you on the show man for sure man happy to be here.

No doubt, no doubt, I, see you working like crazy for sure of course, got to how you juggling it all man, I, don't know, it's gonna be real with you.

You know, I just wake up every day and just know, I got a mission.

Yeah, I got a lot of goals in life.

I feel it I feel.

It man, it's been dope to watch your musical.

You know, Journey bro.

And just watch the constant growth.

I was telling you off the air, how good the new song sounds on the radio.

And we've been playing your songs, you know for a minute now, but you know for you to drop this new one with little Todd, Lou, Tyler, right? Young.

Boy, man, yeah, how'd.

You connect with him.

He actually hit me up, um and I noticed.

He was like playing my songs on like his Instagram story and stuff.

So then I end up hitting him up and then I kind of like discovered them and started listening to his music.

And then he hit me up about that I'm geeking thing because I kind of leaked it on Tick Tock before I, put it out right and he's like, oh, bro.

Let me hop on this and I'm like yeah, that's that's.

The best way to organic organic like that.

Yeah, I don't like to reach out too much and be like, oh, get a hop on this collaboration.

No, they can't be forced bro.


They can't be forced.

New song is called I'm geeking.

You know, talk to us about creating this song, My, Boy, it's been fun.

You know, it's.

It was one of those songs that was like extremely easy to make.


It sounds like you had a good time doing it.

Yeah, like it took me probably like 30 minutes to make a lot like I was some songs I make.

It might take a little struggle.

I might have to take some time and I might get writer's block or have to take a break or step away from it for a minute.

Come back to it type, [, __, ], yeah.

But like this one I just was writing to it must it got to be the beat like it's, just one of those beats where it's like easy to rap to for that beats wavy.

Yeah, that beats wavy is that type of sound something consistent that you know, we could expect, you know, whether you drop a EP or an album on the way, yeah, I feel like a lot of people gravitated it gravitated towards it because I, don't know whether it's the tone or The Voice or something, but I, don't know, I like to experiment a lot.

So I noticed I like to experiment to see what people like and I noticed.

They really liked how I sound or I'm geeking.

So that's, some Mama stick with, you know, I'm gonna keep going with it.

You got a lot of great songs, though man that we've played up here on the radio bro.

So this is this is great fits right in the pocket.

You know what I mean, yeah, man, it's, right in the pocket.

Appreciate it, uh, what? What what's? What is this a part of a EP mixtape? Yeah, yeah.

For sure, of course, I might got one more remix in me, um I might got another little mix in me.

You know, I like I, like remixing surprising the fans with yeah, another feature or something like that.

Yeah, yeah.


No doubt, that's.

The fun part, what's.

Your creative process like I get in there I get a Melody going on my little, you know, Mumble a little bit and then I just fill it in with words, really that's, I figured out that's the best way to do it.

Yeah, yeah.

Don't really write.


__ ] down, just kind of like I, write it down.

But at the same time, it's I feel like it's better to Freestyle first and get that first little Melody going because that's, what's organic that's.

What come to you first on the beat? Yeah.

So then after that I just fill it in with words, I'm giving away the sauce it's all good, though, what's your, uh, it's, what inspires you? You know, you know, I know you out here in Cali in LA weather, beautiful and [, __ ], like that I, see you pulled up in something fly downstairs? Yeah, yeah.

I know how you ride around, you know what? I mean, yeah, yeah, what's.

Your, uh, you know what I'm saying what gives you that energy man that bounce just like I, don't know, lifestyle, regular life.

Yeah, I gotta I got a decently cool life.

You know.

So, yeah, you look like you have a fun life.

My guy, yeah, I'll be chilling.

So you know, when I when I make music and write or whatever it's, just like I, kind of just get inspired by myself, um that really be it like the more ex things that I experience.

The more I can rap about I think that's when it's the best too, you know, what I'm saying when when you live those those life experiences and it comes out into music, you know, what? I mean, yeah, I like that I like to indulge in what I'm actually living it makes it easier to make the music.

You know, yeah, yeah.



Man, that creative process, what's.

The studio session like man, I feel like that would be fun too to be in a ddg.

Yeah, I'm to be honest, bro I'm, kind of boring bro, like it really just be me, an engineer, really, yeah.

A lot of the times like even when I made like moonwalking and Calabasas.

For instance, like I was just by myself, damn I mean, the engineer so I get distracted easily I'm.

Not gonna lie really I know, a lot of artists.

They be having girls.

They'd be doing parties in there and like bro I've seen it.

Yeah, all types of crazy stuff.

I, tried it.

But I get distracted.

You know, I might want to take a shot over here.

And then you might want to kick it over here.

And then I, forget I got to work right? So you lock in I reckon, you had a great remix to that record, too man, yeah, for sure that went up you in blueface, right? Of course, yeah, you love performing that.

[, __, ].

Yeah, that's I just love getting to that song.

Because right, you know, that's how every artist is, and you get to that song that you know, everybody from the scene.

So blessing to have one two three, you know, what I'm saying I've seen your set before and it's like it's hard to do and then do it.

Again, yeah, you know, I'm saying, do you feel any pressure like when you get back in the studio to even you know, deliver like on like the moon walking in Calabasas.

And these type of records that you brought before? Do you feel any pressure to deliver like that? Again, yeah, um.

But I kind of kind of let off on myself a little bit and stop putting so much pressure on it because I feel like that's how you force it.

Yeah, I feel like when Moon walking I wasn't expecting it to be a hit like I, wouldn't, I, wouldn't expect.

None at all I just was going in there making music having fun so I feel like when you think as an artist, oh I need to make a hit I need to do this, and that it becomes unorganic and it's like it's kind of forced, yeah.

And you know, and then you get disappointed when you know, the hit that you thought was a hit wasn't, not a hit right them expectations.

Right? Yes, I just make music and keep it pushing just like that do read comments and [ __ ] like that.

Yeah, man, unfortunately, it's hard to not right I'm on a I'm, a I'm, a different type of artist, though like I'm on the internet, a lot all the time.

Yeah, like you know how some artists might sell drugs or something like that that might be a little side hustle or whatever I sell videos.

How you sell that content.

Yeah, I sell content.

So it's, like I, gotta be on the internet and I gotta, you know what I'm saying, I gotta be on there and interact with the the fans and stuff on a different type of level.

So, you know, I'm, I'm a I'm a social media connoisseur, no doubt, yeah, I'm in there.

No doubt, I'm an analyst with it.

You know, so it's different for me, I kind of gotta read it.

You know, there's, no way around it.

Yeah, it's just crazy, though how we could like be a hundred positive messages.

Man, one or two, bad ones and it's, like you just focus on that.

What is it about it's like a tough tough thing about our lifestyle? Man, yes, but you probably have a way to block it out too, though, yeah, I kind of don't.

Take it too serious can't until it's, too overwhelming like lately it's been kind of overwhelming and I'm like.


Now, y'all trying me you feel me.

So and your patience level is high all right.

Yeah, we're like I, get real defensive, especially when people get too disrespectful, especially people that's nowhere near My Level, I feel that and they'd be like.


Now, I gotta disrespect.

You I can really take it.

Yeah, I can take it there, but it's, like, oh, I say, something, oh you're supposed to be the bigger person.

Then why did you say it? You feel me every action got a reaction that's, what I'm saying and it's it's hard being like a public figure, because you gotta take the high roll most of the time right and always be on right? And people expect you to just always like you got a real life at the end of the day.

You know, what I'm saying with real emotions, yeah, things affect you or, you know, you gotta responsibilities.

I, don't know, are you are you? Do you got kids or anything like that? No I want kids though, yeah, I want kids, um, but I don't I feel like that's, I, don't know, I feel like when the time's right, yeah, you know, kids change your life right for sure, yeah, I haven't had the blessing yet, but I got friends and family and sister got niece and nephew.

So, yeah, for sure I would say everything changes, yeah, that's, what I'm saying so I'm excited to see how my life changed when I have a kid, um, definitely not Russian, though, but time will come when the time is right.

Timing is everything for sure even in a music game like like, when did you realize like this shit's happening like musically for you like was it? A co-sign was someone tap in with you? Did you hear a song on the radio was it? A reaction at a festival I ain't gonna lie bro like I, don't know, if I got that moment yet, just because when moonwalking came out, it was during pandemic.

So I couldn't even go outside and like really experience it.

And like, oh, this song bumping in the club it's doing that you did have like one of those pandemic hits.


So it's like I'm, I'm, just looking at numbers in the crib.

You know, I mean, I ain't really I was I ain't really feeling it.

So obviously it's a hit it's double Platinum, but it don't feel like interesting.

Yeah, I think geeking got that potential, though my boy, yeah, I'm excited.

I think geeking got that potential is it tough too as a creative of content to not look at numbers? So quickly too, especially in the creative process, I feel like that for me could just be a post on Instagram, right like we're all human.

Yeah, is it tough for you? Yeah.

I mean, it's, yeah, I definitely dive into the numbers.

That's just analytics.


This is how I came up so it's like It's, All, About, Numbers.

If the numbers ain't hitting like they're supposed to be that it's, an issue, yeah, you know, something you got to adjust I think, it's, good and bad because somebody that noticed their numbers ain't hitting like they used to it can put that motivation on you and give you a different type of Drive, where you try to figure out how to get it back up hungry.

But it also can make you like discouraged.

You know, that's the other side of it.

Yeah, that's.

The other side of it was one of the funniest or craziest tweets.

You've seen about yourself recently and then come to mind it's, a lot of them it's.

So many I can't, even think of them like I I might be like when they come in like Twitter.

Popularity, I might be like you're that guy I might be Elon.

Musk level, I, don't know, bro they love talking people.

Talk about me every day unprovoked it's, crazy like I, don't know, I heard I seen the tweets somebody said, I was like broke or something that was hilarious.

Yeah, yeah.

I haven't.

Seen them basically on the wristware.

And like I said, what you pulled up in downstairs? My boy doing just fine.

Yeah, I mean, it's, a lot of misconceptions and trolling going on around my name.

They like to troll you, yeah, but it's it's really working in my favor because believe it or not I didn't gain a lot of fans off of people like being hateful towards me over nothing really interesting it's.


How this [ __ ] works.


I got a segment on a show called tweets is talking I, pulled up some of your tweets.



Would love to show them to you and uh, just kind of have you explain them to us.

Man all right? [.

__, ].

We can start right here.

I was actually gonna be my third one.

Oh, yeah, e-list rapper, kind of funny, not gonna lie what the [ __ ] was that all about they called me.

They don't like me with my girl or whatever right right? So when they they just be hating over a situation, blah, blah, blah, you know, it is what it is.

It look a certain way and people don't like me for that reason, um.

So they so some z-list blog site, I said that uh, I was an e-list rapper.

I didn't, even know, e-list was a thing though I had no idea about it until I read that [ __, ], yeah, I think it's, funny, ain't.

It like ABC.

Yeah, yeah.



I don't think it's, e-list.

But I guess that was it was kind of funny.

Yeah, it is what it is.


Ain't, really, you have a little while though you don't run from the [ __ ], though that's the part about you that I [, __ ] with when I follow you on social media, you're gonna address the [ __ ].


For sure, yeah, this was a good one right here.

That's kind of what we were talking about a few minutes ago.

Yeah, I've been trying to test you.

My boy, I only get hated on my [, __, ], that's, 10 times, Broker, Than Me from now on.

If you can't show me at least a million cash liquid in your account I'm, not responding to anything negative liquid.

If you ain't got a ticket in your account, yeah, you ain't [, __, ] with it.


Some random little artist some random rapper, um, I, just got to tweeting about like I, don't know, people just be trying me like it's, crazy and I'm like bro.

You ain't.

What have you done? You got no motion.


It was just Twitter.

You know, it's just somebody that's irrelevant.

But it just be.

They'd be trying me for no I'm telling you I don't even be meeting.

These people like I, don't know, these photos at all like they just want to get your attention is probably what it is.

Bro, yeah.

And then like I, go back.

And these would be people that was like prior fans like die.

Hard fans of me, that's, how big, yeah, and they try to, you know, you get a little hate train.

It becomes a trend.

And you just want to hop on it.

You know what? I mean? Yeah, yeah.

But yeah, if you ain't got a million dollars back I'm minimizing that response because it's like bro energy, you got to maintain your energy.

Yeah, I'm, not doing nothing.

But giving you a platform at that point facts a million liquid so what's that even mean break that down that's a million dollars liquid.

Checking account right? Not assets, not what you're not with the house.

You gotta have a million to bank I ain't talking about no chains.

Oh I bought.

My mama a car.

Five years ago, I'm talking about right now, that's what's up, yeah, stick to that.


Cause we ain't got time to be [, __ ] with everyone like that.

Bro sure this was crazy to me dogs.

Oh, you really eat.

This bro Brian used his picture, twice that's, a it's, hot cereal, it's fossil facing hot dogs.

Oh, no.

This is looking crazy.

Now, I ain't gonna lie bro I've seen that that's how I'm I'm good at manipulating the internet bro, oh, no.




Enjoy every second, yeah, I posted this picture like three times already.

It goes viral.

Every time I might post it tomorrow.

When we put out this interview, we should say we ate that [ __ ].

Yeah, put that up there I was thinking about actually eating it.

Just to like I was like I.

Never ate it bro.

This is not my picture.

I, don't know who took this picture, but it's, not my picture.

Yeah, I was thinking about actually eating it.

Would you try this I would Frosted Flakes and hot dog, milk, don't, knock it till you try it? Well, you've done like the wing challenge and [ __ ] like that.

Right? Yeah, yeah.

How do you do with that type of stuff? See me I can't make it through maybe a couple bites of a hot ass Wing like that I haven't done no hot chip challenge or nothing like that? Yeah, the hot chip challenge is crazy, that's like dangerous.

I ain't gonna lie like right, it's like actually dangerous.

You've done it before yeah, like on stream.

Have you like? Huh? No, you can't breathe like the the more water.

You drink, the hotter it gets like it's like very it's torture.

For sure see, yeah, that's.

Not is that ain't it's, not working.

You don't recommend that don't try that at home kids.

Yeah, it ain't worth it at all what's.

The furthest you ever drove for a sneaky link.

Man, um, it's.

A question, like like three hours three hours.

Yeah, that's long.

Ain't it.

Yeah, yeah.

I would say so yeah, I had a little College girlfriend.

She lived like three hours of what else you said, sneaky link, though, I mean, basically to to do the deed, you know, what I'm saying, sneaky link, I, don't know, I know three hours for sure like during college time, like these days, I'm, not driving, no three hours for nobody negative.

But the three hours was it worth it.


I mean, I was dating, you know what? I mean, it was like I had a little Oldsmobile and I was driving in across Michigan and trying to get to her and [ __ ].

So you know, I ain't had no money like that.

You know, if you want to fly three hours, overdrive, that's like what a 30 minute flight.

Maybe a hundred dollars two dollars.

Yeah, yeah.

It's a little like here to Vegas or something like that.

Yeah, when I have money like that back, then so definitely wouldn't travel, no three hours.

Sometimes you just gotta do it.


Sometimes you just gotta get out there.

And you know, yeah, all right.

We got this segment called money bag or red flag.

So I'm gonna give you a couple scenarios right? Could be, you know, could doesn't even need to be based on your life could just be, you know, theoretical right? Okay, I'm gonna give you these three scenarios if you're with it it's a money bag.

If you ain't feeling, it that's, a red flag.

Okay, all right? You want a girl you just started dating all right? You go shopping for tonight's.

Interview gotta get a fly fit right? We're gonna be on camera we're going viral, okay? And she starts adding items for herself into the into the cart, wait say that we just started dating homegirl.


All right you go.

You want to get a nice fit get right for tonight's interview, but she starts putting some stuff in the bag.

And then without accent, without even asking bro, is that a money bag or a red flag.

You just started dating that's a red flag.

You ain't going for it.

No, you had minimum acts.

You know what I mean like I mean, you know, this look cute I might just get it.

My thing is I don't like people acts, I mean, I don't, like when like not X, but I don't, like when people just assume, you know, they and people will do that.

Yeah, people will assume it could even just be you out getting dinner.

They gonna think ddg's picking up the tab right? Yeah.

I mean, dinner different right, I, pay for dinner all the time, but like clothing, nah we have bags.

Yeah, we gotta be locked in for that.

Yeah, yeah.


For sure all right? Man scenario number two, an artist you're, collaborating with on a song asks you to Airbnb them a mansion for them and their squad while you're shooting a music video Airbnb for them for them in the squad.


Six homies is it.

My is it my song, yeah, and they featured on it.

They featured on it and I just got to get an Airbnb.

Yeah, I.

Do that it's, clean, yeah, money bag.

Yeah, money bag that that's cool.

That's fair, that's, fair, ddg's on the show we doing money bag or red flag, all right you.

And a girl just started dating again.

You go to eat an expensive restaurant all right.

And she wants to order something off the menu like maybe an expensive steak or something for her roommate back at the house.

Whoa, money, bag, a red flag.

My boy, okay, if it's a kid, if it's a kid it's, a money bag roommate red flag for sure you ain't going for that red flag that for sure I would be the same way bro and I've had that happen before really, yeah, that's because it's, one thing to take a to-go bag and not say, nothing it's another to try to put in a how long that's gonna take 20 25 minutes.

You know, what I'm saying, yeah, that's different bro, you're, a good friend, though, but nah for sure she holding her down.

She holding her homies down.

Are we ever gonna get an album with your real voice? No I don't think so I don't know about that? Yeah, I'm holding that in man, that's that's, not waiting and waiting on the right time.

So is it hard to do like? Is it hard to just no because that's the real? Voice? Nah, this is my real voice.

This other one, this one I'll be putting on the hack I'm trying to but it's hard to do like my throat starting to hurt.

Yeah, when I go to the crib, you know, I'll be using I'll be using my regular voice and [ __ ].

But when I'm doing interviews and music I like to use this voice because it's more appealing, you know what? I mean it feels better.

Yeah, a little friendlier.

Yeah, yeah.


It does come across a little like, you know, more friendly.

Yeah, yeah.

I'm tripping I'm like that.

Yeah, yeah.

The other boys are real boys.

Here you go.

Sir have a great day.


That part is a little dangerous seems like a lot of people are on this content game.

Now, man, you're one of the ogs, you know, what I'm saying what what's? Well, first of all is any a lot of rappers are getting into the content space for sure, you know what I'm saying has anyone hit you up for advice, you know, or tapped in with you on, you know, just ways that they could be, you know, successful like yourself, yeah, all the time, um, I know, one other artists that like really diving into it is nle.


Yeah, he's doing the vlogging thing and I'm glad he's doing that, because it's it's kind of like making my whole come up.

Look a little cooler.

You know, it's like a reverse effect.

You gotta interesting somebody that started off rapping getting into content creation.

And some people look at like doing YouTube videos is like corny or lame or something like that.

But it's really like it's, a real bad.

You know, what? I mean exactly right? Yeah, like I know, streamers.

Some of my homies getting NBA contracts like that.

Huh? Real money like real M's.

Yeah, like no rappers is getting that for sure damn what what's your advice to content creators.

You know, is it is it a thing where? You know you should be posting every single day? Should you be spreading the content from Instagram YouTube, Tick, Tock, you know, what's kind of your advice to start the momentum.

It's, really, just for me, I just say, consistency and just posting as much as possible.


And obviously having like quality content behind it, but like just staying relevant because it's a new content.

Creator every day, you know, like the people that's lit right now, you got people like cause and that and going they going crazy, but they wasn't around seven years ago.

Eight years ago, you know what I mean, yeah, they knew faces.

So it's gonna be another Kai at some point.

It's gonna be another eight.

And you know what? I mean, there's gonna be another ddg so it's like it's, new people every time so it's, you got to stay relevant just like that.

Yeah, when you first started, it was there people telling you man, don't even waste your time with that.

Yeah, for sure like I had an English teacher back in, um I think like 10th 11th grade and I was like showing them my YouTube videos.

And he was like clowning it.


Yeah, like I.

Didn't remain more money.

This whole year on my last video like it's, then he makes probably in a year right that's.

What I'm saying like crazy, bro I, never forgot that because I'm like damn like I was really just trying to show him my YouTube video, just right, you know what? I mean, like look what I did.

Teacher yeah he was clowning just trying to [ __.

] on it yeah so you know people.

Always gonna doubt you until it's, real yeah yeah can we take a deeper dive into that comment right there people going doubt you till it's real.

Because I think there's a lot of people that watch and listen to this show every night, um that probably experience the same exact thing and I think hearing from someone like you I'm saying you represent this generation I think that would be very valuable to some of our audience members.

You know, and just not really taking no for an answer betting on yourself that type of thing.

What can you speak on about that? Yeah, I'm big on like you only got one life, you know, I'm big on like, you know we we lit this one little time and then that's it that's it follow your dreams and follow your goals what do you got to lose like I'd rather Die Trying than regret, not doing it that part I love that yeah, I.

Love that and I noticed the tattoo tomorrow's.

Never promised yeah, I got one life right here, too just like that.

Man, those reminders right I'm like big on this.

So it's like I, I quit I quit.

My job, um I was working at TJ.

Maxx I made like 200 on my first YouTube, check I quit.

My job just like that.

Huh? Yeah.

Because I'm like, yeah, if I can make 200 I mean, I could make 2 000.


So it just made me.

Go harder.

So you know, you just really just got to follow your dreams and whatever you want to do.

Yeah, what was that first video, Do, You, Remember, um, my first video I was like I went to Washington DC I got on the plane for the first time when I was like 16 and I just vlogged me in Washington DC.

But that wasn't a video that like really took off of me.

Okay? What was that one I? Uh, reacted to these Korean rappers.


It was a song called it Gmail interesting.

And then like when it was going crazy all over the Internet and I just reacted to it.

And it got like two million views and I went from like 500 subscribers or like 15 000., yeah, I was I was like damn.

This [ __, ], real I kept going and then I figured out you can make money from it because I got copyrighted from that video.


So then I started just making little skits or whatever.

And then that [ __ ] just turned into a real thing.

And then when I got to college that's, when I really started making going for it real money, yeah, what's up.


Congratulations on everything bro.

Appreciate it how's.

The woo, [, __, ] doing doing great.

Yeah, doing amazing.

He working on some more positive, uh, you know, Vibes, yeah, yeah.

He really like a lot of people be thinking that we be telling him what to do like that's, really, but he's, really like very talented, I love that man, you know, the on and off switch like if I bring him in here right now.

He would entertain and say, whatever to make this show lit.

And then when the camera cut you go back to being a kid at such a young age he's got that like yeah, it's crazy, because he been around us like he's been you see how we do it so right, he's, just like a natural content.

Creator, it's, crazy, um on the music side, who's.

Some people you want to work with anybody you got like that you'd like to collab with, um, yeah.

So it's a lot of people.

But you know, I really just go off I like organic.

Vibes like it's got to be right.

Yeah, I like people that I actually meet in person and um.

And we actually get to work together, I feel like that's, how you get the best music and that's, how you get the best promotion behind a song.

When it's somebody you actually [ __, ] with absolutely so I could tell you a list, but you know, it's, it is what it is.

Yeah, any features in the tuck, though that you're getting ready to release.

Uh, yeah, I'm about to remix I'm, geeking, one more time.

Yeah, yeah.

I'm gonna put some something special together, sick, um.

So that's gonna be dope I feel like the fans, definitely going to enjoy that for sure.

Yeah, you get in that boxing, ring anytime soon again, thinking about it.

[, __, ], that's, a real grind.

Man, yeah, it is bro like you gotta really change.

You gotta really can't, be no rapper YouTuber and a boxer at the same time.

You gotta be all in.


Yeah, bro like it's.


You got it what's.

Your training regimen like for that.

It was crazy.

Bro I.

Never trained that hard in my life like I went out to Palm Springs and I was just going to the gym literally every day for like three hours out of the day, intense training, sparring like world-class amateurs and pros and all types of [ __, ] like real.

Now he was really like in it.


But it was only two weeks though I was only in there for two weeks.


So I didn't, take it like as serious as a lot of people taking it, but I knew my opponent wasn't gonna do nothing so I just kind of took my that's right? Yeah.

Any other Like Rappers.

You want to get in there with, um I, don't know, you know it is what it is.

Really anybody act up.

You ain't ducking.

The fade, yeah.

But at the same time, it's like I, don't know, I'm just not really on it like that and I know, it's if I'm a boxer got to be something that I'll really log in on and it's like damn I'm, it's risky, too.

It is an artist like if I was straight doing YouTube, then it's like it's, whatever, yeah, you know, it's I could take that risk right as an artist, but any artist lose that's it and that's.

It bro they're gonna talk about that forever.

So it's, like yeah, I ain't.

Never gonna get knocked out I don't see that but never know you never know, huh? You never know blueface was in the ring recently, too, right? Yeah.

He went crazy though he won his [ __.


Yeah, he did, but you know, the, you know, the more you win.

The harder, it gets I bet, yeah, yeah.

Sure, you know they gonna put them in there they're gonna put him in there with somebody you feel me so it's, like you gotta really be on that [ __ ].

You can't lock on it he's.

He he's.

Another guy like looks like the life is fun.

But also looks like his life is just gets crazy.


Do y'all have phone conversations, or you know, link UPS or are you just like give him any advice or he gives you any advice on just how to deal with the [ __ ] that comes with all of this.

Yeah, oh look.

I hit him up.

Sometimes you can't really tell nobody about their own situation true.

So true I don't like to butt into this situation.

But you know as a homie I'm like right? You gotta think about this I don't know, you know what I mean like yeah, not too much though, but just a little bit of like a nudge and let them know that you're there.

Yeah, yeah.




Yeah, yeah, so you know, I.

But at the end of the day that's, we grown, so he do what he want to do.

I do what I want to do.

It is what it is.

You like just please be safe.

Just be safe.

My boy I did what'd.

You think about that, hmm, I thought, the fight was I actually went to the fight.

And it was it was cool.

But um, I, don't know, I don't I, really, don't know, I was about fighting.

It wasn't.

The best fight to me like I don't like how it ended.

Yeah, exactly exactly.


I, don't know, I felt like Garcia might have just thrown the I'm saying, maybe got a little took the check and let it go.

Yeah, yeah.

I don't.

But you undefeated I, don't.

Think nobody want to take that.

Yeah, that's true.

Because you got to think about it.

They got money, you know what? I mean like they some broke Fighters.

So it's, like he didn't really need that he, uh, he got really hit in the stomach, and he was feeling impossible.


He was filling them punches I would for sure well, not I don't think so did I feel like they might get in there again, yeah, they might in the future, but I kind of I want to see like Javonte and Devin Haney type, [, __, ].

Damn I want to see like a big fight like that W this past weekend.

Yeah, I think he won most of the fight.

And then like towards the end, it was kind of like, even in a way I don't think he lost though, yeah, but I think he was, yeah, I think he was doing what he got to do Devin had any more like tactical.

He just right jabbing and trying to win by points.

So I think he won how about on the acting side? Man, got more of that coming.

Yeah, I'm about to dive into it.

You know, I've been talking to my agency and really thinking about it, um, I, don't know, yeah, you know, it's, just something that I I don't like to put too much on my plate man.

And you've got a lot on your plate that's, what I'm saying.

So if I'm gonna do the acting [, __, ], I'm gonna straight up do the acting [ __, ], yeah, yeah.

All right.


A cap I'm gonna give you three stories.


All right.

You tell me if you think it's facts or Cap, all right all right? Story.

Number one, LeBron, James, guarantees.

The Lakers are winning the championship next year on his uh, exit, interview, um, that's.

A cap I would say cap that they're not going to win the championship or Captain.

He said, it kept.

They not gonna win because and I I like LeBron me too.

But but I feel like Curry is the best player on the planet.


He like he's saying, like he, the only one that could guarantee something like that.

Yeah, jokic is crazy, too though bro.

Yeah, but I Curry is a different animal.

Yeah, I got Kirk.

Huh? I know, he never got swept I.

Got Curry over I got Curry over Michael.


Facts that's.

A fact you got him so would that be? Would you say, he's, the greatest of all time in your opinion in my opinion? Yeah, hmm.


Your top three top three I would say, Curry, Kevin, Durant, LeBron, Kobe, Kobe, let's, buy so top, five, you thought you'd have.

Yeah, I got Kobe in there and then Michael see.

The thing is like I'm honest with myself right? I was born in 97.

You feel okay, like I.

Can't, sit here and tell you Michael Jordan's in my top five I hate when P it'd be like 10 year olds saying, Michael Jordan is the best in the you don't know that you only know that because your daddy told you that yeah, actually witnessed that.

Yeah, like you can tell me that Michael, Jordan, yeah, because you lived in that time, like that I was just I was a baby like I, didn't know, nothing about Michael Jordan.


I can't.

Put him in my top five that's fair, though, yeah, that's fair.

So as a fifth player, um, I, don't know to be honest, there's.

So many you got your honest, you gotta embed.

Um, yeah.

Probably honest, yeah.

Honest I'm gonna be honest.

That's a fire.

Five, bro.

Yeah, that's a fire.

Five? Right? There.

All right the most populated metropolitan area in the world is Tokyo facts of cap.

Facts, yeah, I think.

So yeah, that's facts.


Facts that's.


A guy needed a kidney and he traded a rare Pokemon card.

He had so that he could, you know, I'm saying, get that kidney traded.

It I think that's facts of cap facts.

You see that happening, right? Yeah, them.

Pokemon cards, be going for some real money.

Yeah, people be really selling them for millions of dollars.

The story's actually capped.

But oh I can't happen enough.

It could definitely happen though, but then Pokemon cards.



Do you have anything in that? You are you collectible kind of guy like that? Do you have anything that has some value of that? You know, what I'm saying I collect watches.

Okay, that's kind of like my thing most expensive watch, you know, what offhand that I have? Yeah, I got a Richard Milly, um, it's, like zero, I mean, it's, um, one out of 30.


So it's, pretty dope.

Um is that is that some like before you pull the trigger to bite out are you nervous like are you like? Yeah, but also I don't, be too nervous because I know for the most part it holds this value.


So it's like I'm, not gonna lose if I lose it's, not too much I might lose what 10 bands or something like that.

But right, spin, I'm I'm in it for 200 300.

You know what? I mean, no doubt.

So I know, I, ain't gonna lose too much money.

So I don't be too.

Those are good investment pieces though like you said, they maintain their value.

Yeah, hey.

Man, ddg is here.


Couldn't, wait to have you on the show today bro for sure.

Thank you for pulling up.


Appreciate it much more success to you.

My brother, you know, what I'm saying you're doing a lot.

You got a lot on your plate man, but I'm, very very happy to watch and uh, you know, I, definitely tapping in on all the social medias and everything like that.

You got the new song geeking out right now, which is on fire.

You know, like you promised, uh or tease that you might be doing another remix to this.

No I am it's coming it's coming it's on the way for sure and new more new music, uh throughout the rest of the year.

Of course, man project coming soon all of that, just like that that's just Incredibles Deep dive right here on the liftoff show with ddg my boy.

Thank you for coming through.

Yes, sir power.



Number one for hip-hop peace and love foreign foreign.

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