How To Attend A Strip Club Like A Gentleman | 10 Simple Etiquette Tips (2023)


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In this video men's style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of and, teaches you how to be a gentleman if you are going to a gentleman's club (aka strip club). Knowing how to act at one of these fine establishments can be the difference between you looking like you are just there to have a drink and like some creepy perv (just kidding).

Alpha is not an expert in strip clubs but he is an expert in being a gentlemen and wants to help ensure that if you are going to go, you are going to do it like a gent!

Congratulations for being awesome! You have upped your gent game! It hasn't been gone unappreciated or unnoticed. Aaron Marino of alpha m. is making it rain today as he is addressing how to attend a gentleman's club like a gentleman.

How to Attend a Strip Club

1. Know the rules of the establishment
2. Bring cash to avoid fees and other charges
3. Know the price before engaging in anything!
4. You have the ability to say 'no thank you'
5. Don't use your phone next to the stage
6. Tip the dancers every song if you are sitting up front
7. Know the dress code prior to going to the establishment but 8. don't wear your nicest clothes
8. Be polite
9. Don't fall in love with a dancer - they are there to make you feel good which is their job
10. Don't get wasted when you go out, including a strip clubs


Gentlemen, congratulations for being awesome word on the street is that you have seriously up your gent game.

Let me tell you it has not gone unnoticed or unappreciated.

But there are some of you that apparently are late to the game because you know what as gentlemanly as you should be.

And if you missed any of the other topics or videos, they are all listed and linked in the description.

But today we are making it rain, because we are talking about how to attend a gentlemen's club like a gentleman.

Now before I get into this I would just like to acknowledge that I am NOT the biggest fan of strip clubs for various reasons, total I've been to three in my entire life.

The last time was 10 years so mine expert in strip clubs.

No am I an expert in being a gentleman, yes.

And just because I don't like going doesn't mean that you don't like going.

And so without any further ado I would like to congratulate you for putting all those young ladies through college.

It is a known fact that strippers only strip because they all need to ition I'm telling you ask them, but my personal opinion of strip clubs.

Aside I.

My job right is to ensure that wherever you go, you are doing it like a gentleman strip club.

You're going you're.

Gonna do it like a gent tip number one, a gentleman knows of the rules of the establishment that he's going to all strip clubs were not created equal just because you were able to get a little bit handsy at Jim's house, too juicy, yes, doesn't mean, you're going to be able to fondle the ladies at the cheetah, a gentleman sits back to get a lay of the legi land before engaging tip number two, a gentleman brings cash to the strip clubs.

All right.

If you want to get raped, figuratively, bring a credit card and use a credit card.

You will get hammered with fees up charges and suspicious.

Charge you're like a what I wear.

Huh? Bring cash.

Not to mention.

You got a credit card on.

You start drinking a little bit things.

Start sounding like a good idea that would not be if you were sober tip number three, a gentleman and knows the price before engaging in anything because everything in a strip club has a price right? Those lap dances.

They don't think you're, super cute and charming.

There is a price associated with it.

You ask them how much first how much ask them don't be shy because true story out of Buddy all right.

It was a bachelor party.

We go and he's like yo, he's starting to drink and there's this chick who's hanging with him for hours, right and she's.

Just you get up and do a little Sun and he's like he's.

Actually, leans over to me is like, yo, I think she likes me I'm like no what I didn't say anything she kept dancing.

They kept hanging out at the end of the night he owed $300.

He was pissed he's like 300, I'm, not payin you.

He tried to leave old boy ended up paying.

But the moral of the story is ask before you receive leading us the tip number four, a gentleman has the ability to say, no or no.

Thank you.

Somebody comes up says, hey, you want to dance.

Yeah, you like that you work it.

You don't have to accept it.

You can say, no.

Thanks, maybe later, I'm, married, whatever you want to tell them it's up to you, but you don't have to accept if you accept everything you're going to have everybody coming up to you being like, hey, how about I cans? And then like the girls you really don't want dancer for you the one that they like keep in the back like no, you can come out like when it gets later.

Yeah, they'll be all like you I'm a man, tip number, five, a gentleman, doesn't use his phone close to the stage all right there are sort of zones in a gentlemen's club.

There's a fun right by the stage where all the action happens and there's the darker areas in the back right? You need to use your phone to answer texts read an email, whatever don't do it up at the stage that's, just frankly, rude, right? Do it in the back tip number six? If you are sitting up front, you tip the dancers at least a buck or two every song I'm, telling you don't be one of those guys that just sits looks on.

This is a job they're, getting paid to do a job and you're taking up the seat.

You don't want to tip them move to the back to number seven.

A gentleman knows the dress code prior to going to the establishment, but I must warn you do not wear your nicest clothes to a strip club.

Right? You wouldn't wear your nicest, three-piece suit to a dive bar.

Would you strip club? Same thing? You want some chick riding all up on your light.

Tan favorite, chinos, haha, not me.

Jack tip number eight.

A gentleman is polite at a strip club.

He doesn't treat the dancers like prostitutes because they're not most of them.

Some of them, probably, uh, assume that they're not kind of related as tip number nine, which is don't fall in love with the dancers right? They're there to make you feel good so handsome like my god, you are the man right and you're like some dudes like really and their light is like.

Ah, you got some pretty naked girl sitting there telling you how fantastic you are running their fingers through your perfectly quaffed hair.

It is their job to make you feel like a rock star don't believe the hype and last, but certainly not least probably should be first is tip.


Ten, a gentleman doesn't get wasted at a strip club.

He doesn't get wasted when he goes out all right if you missed the video, where I talk about how to drink like a gentleman, it's listed and linked in the description gentlemen, clubs are for some dudes.

A lot of fun.

Other dudes, not so much.

But if you're going to go now, you know how to do it like a gentle.

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