How To FIX your NAT type in Call of Duty Warzone or ANY GAME! (2023)


Looking to fix your NAT type and network for playstation XBOX an PC? Then YOU have come to the RIGHT place! This is How To FIX your NAT type in Call of Duty Warzone or ANY GAME!

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Hey, there youtube welcome to drake array gaming today, we're going to be talking about nat type for warzone and it's security, low medium high that type.

I said, network address translation for warzone and it's your security type.

It has to do a lot with your firewall and your ports that are open or closed to be able to access warzone, whether you're on playstation pc or xbox.

This video is for you as usual.

No bs, no fluff.

Let me show you how to fix it let's.

Go all right.

First thing I want to talk to you about is your router.

Your gateway your modem.

We have many names for it that we improperly use, but whatever you call it.

Uh, your home network is what we want to look at now.

These right here that you're looking at are the different ports that uh, windows, playstation, 4 and xbox.

One, uh uses to access warzone, tcp and udp ports.

Those are the two types ins and outs.

These are the doorways and the gateways for your xbox or your warzone game to communicate with the internet and get the information out.

And in that, it needs to function correctly.

Now your network address translation type if it's really really secure and a lot of these ports aren't open.

You may have problems getting into games, getting dropped from games.

A lot of other issues things like that.

This will fix all of that for you.

So now let me try to kind of talk to you about, uh, how to get into your router, because you need to be able to get into your router or gateway, and you need to be able to change these doorways and open them or close them.

So now, uh, some one of the first ways you can do that is by going to your browser going to firefox or chrome, whatever you have don't worry about my my skin here.

This is kind of like a weird little skin.

I have I have windows 10 here.

But you want to go into here, open up, whatever browser go to your desktop open up your your browser I'm on firefox.

Right now you can use google chrome on any of it, uh, the default address you want to enter typically for your gateway or your router modem is, uh.

And I can show you on the fly here when you enter that it'll go to a login screen.

So this login screen as we enter your username and your password to get into your gateway, uh, default for say, comcast, xfinity.

Other companies that are owned by them is admin here and password, uh, but it also could be admin admin.


Now that is if no one has, uh set up a password, uh for this a password and uh username for this.


You can also look on the bottom of your gateway or router, usually there's information on the bottom of your your router.

Um, if we do, uh, I'm gonna type it in here on the fly and show you real quick, we'll, just try to type it up.

Look at images.


So on the bottom of the uh, the router itself, you can see their serial names and mac address information different things.

A lot of times they'll even have the home network ssid, the password for it, uh, et cetera.

Right there on the bottom, uh of your of your router.

So, uh, what you want to do is find that information go to log in once you log in to your router.

Now, this is a manual way so I'll show you another way with that phone application, but uh, the manual way here after you get in whether it's a netgear, whether it's comcast a belkin, a d-link, it doesn't matter.

They all look very very similar.

You want to go to your wireless settings.

And you want to go to port forwarding port triggering our port, custom services.

They all have different names for it as you can see here, port custom services, um, here, it's, firewall, router configuration.

Virtual right here, advanced port forwarding rules.

So they'll call it different things.

But basically it's port triggering port, foldering port, forwarding or port configuration.

Uh, whatever, the name is so find it in your menu here under probably advanced network settings or firewall settings is typically where it's at.

And you can see here, you want to save your settings when they're done.

But this is where you will add the udp and tcp ports that we were looking at earlier, where did I put it here? These are the ones we were talking about.

So you want to take these ports, depending if you're on pc or playstation or xbox and once you're inside, uh, your your gateway.

You want to put those in here.

So you want to put they're doing some ftp, whatever stuff here so I'm going to use that as an example, but you want to put tcp, uh, you put a name for it.

And then you can choose, uh, which what it's for and go ahead and put tcp or udp.

You can see here.

It has an easy selection menu.

So you select tcp or udp.

You put the ip address the description of what it is.

So you could put xbox one put the port from the port, a tcp, the ip address if you needed and then that's, then you would hit save, uh, same as in here.

This one's a tcp and udp port forwarding.

It has a starting port and an ending port.

And what that means is the the numbering system.

So here you can see for the playstation 4 5.

You've got four seven eight all the way to three four eighty.

So you want everything from here to there is what that's saying, and then this is just an individual port.


And so what you wanna do is make sure those are all entered, and you hit apply or save depending on what your menu looks like in your gateway or router, um now, there's another way so that's the manual if you have any questions about that, and you need more help with that comment down below, and I will show you more, but essentially it's going to the 10.00.1 logging into your gateway or router.

I didn't want to log into mine and show you my personal information.

But one of the it'll look similar to any one of these menus, you'll be able to get and do what you need to do.

Now let's talk about, um doing it through the cell phones.

And so what they actually have you do is go to connect on your phone and then go to advanced settings.

And in here, there's a port forwarding section on your phone.

And you can actually add the tcp udp ports that you want to forward, uh, hit save.

And this will auto upload it to your router your configuration at home.

It may ask you to reboot your router, and you can do that all right from your mobile app or your phone and get those ports, added, uh, depending on what platform you're on.

And then you will be good to go after that.

Drake arraygaming.

I hope this really helped you out on understanding tcp, udp ports and how to forward them.

This will definitely get your network address translation type, your nas security type into the medium or low.

You need to get these ports, forwarded and open.

And whether you do it through the browser or your mobile phone, you're able to get in there and figure it out I'm, drake, ray here to help the gaming community, no bs, no fluff and I'm out of here.



How do I fix my NAT type in warzone? ›

Once logged in, enable UPnP (Univeral Plug and Play). You should see the setting option on the admin homepage or within a backlink to the 'media' page. Once you have turned UPnP on, you should be able to assign your NAT type to your router's DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) and set it to open or type 1, on PS4.

How do I change my cod NAT type to open? ›

How do I change my NAT type to open?
  1. Open your web browser and type in your IP address in the address bar;
  2. Fill in your login info;
  3. Look for UPnP settings (usually goes under ''Settings” / “Advanced Settings'' / “Network Settings'');
  4. Enable UPnP, reset the router, and restart your device.

How do I fix my strict NAT type? ›

This is why you have to learn how to fix strict NAT type. The simplest way to do this is by using a fast bonding VPN such as Speedify. This will bypass any NATs by tunnelling the traffic directly to the VPN server. As the server has a Moderate NAT (Type 2 | B), your connection will also get this NAT type.

Why is my NAT type strict? ›

Why is my NAT type strict? A Strict NAT Type means you do not have your ports forwarded correctly. A strict NAT type can also occur when you configure more than one router on your main network provided by your ISP.

Why can't my Xbox get the NAT type? ›

Restart your router and your Xbox console. Press the Xbox button  on your controller to open the guide and go to Profile & system > Settings. Select General > Network settings and make sure the error message is gone.

How do I turn off my NAT type on Xbox? ›

  1. Press the Xbox button on the controller.
  2. Go to the System tab.
  3. Then go to Settings.
  4. Then go to Network.
  5. And then go to Network Settings.
  6. Check what it says next to NAT Type.

What NAT type is best for warzone? ›

For example, Moderate/Type 2 NATs can only connect with gaming consoles or PCs using Moderate/Type 2 or Open/Type 1 NAT, and Strict/Type 3 NATs can only connect with gaming consoles or PCs using Open/Type 1 NAT. Ultimately, an Open/Type 1 NAT will provide the best connection quality.

What causes NAT type to change? ›

The majority of the issues that happen with it are based on the communication your system is having with your router/modem. Very few instances we have seen it can also come from your ISP.

How do I change my network settings to NAT? ›

Let's walk through setting up a new NAT network.
  1. Open a PowerShell console as Administrator.
  2. Create an internal switch. PowerShell Copy. ...
  3. Find the interface index of the virtual switch you just created. ...
  4. Configure the NAT gateway using New-NetIPAddress. ...
  5. Configure the NAT network using New-NetNat.
Jan 16, 2023

Why can't i fix my NAT type? ›

The NAT type failed normally because of the network issues, such as the incorrect network settings or the network firewall problems. Changing NAT Type can be an effective method to improve your PS4 network status.

What does NAT stand for? ›

NAT stands for network address translation. It's a way to map multiple private addresses inside a local network to a public IP address before transferring the information onto the internet. Organizations that want multiple devices to employ a single IP address use NAT, as do most home routers.

Does Strict NAT type cause lag? ›

Although it is more secure, Strict NAT settings are known to slow down your connection and produce lagging issues.

What is the best NAT type? ›

Type 1 – Open NAT

Open NAT is the best setting for online gaming, since it allows seamless connections to game servers and doesn't affect speed or ping. That said, it's the most unsecure option and leaves your connection vulnerable to cyber threats.

Can VPN fix strict NAT type? ›

By using a VPN, you can turn your hotspot into its own router, entirely circumventing your real router and its restrictive NAT type.

What's my NAT type? ›

To access it: • Press the Windows and R buttons at the same time. In the pop-up window, type CMD. The Command Prompt window will open. In the new window, type in ipconfig.

What NAT type does Xbox use? ›

A Comparison of NAT Types
PlayStation 5, PS4, PS3NAT Type 1 or 2NAT Type 3
Xbox Series X, Xbox One, 360NAT Type OpenNAT Type Strict
PCNAT Type OpenNAT Type Strict
Mar 8, 2023

What NAT type does Xbox need? ›

Open NAT: This is the ideal NAT type. With an Open NAT, you should have no issue connecting to other players, as well as being able to chat and party up with players with no problem. You are also able to host multiplayer games with people of any NAT type.

How do I disable NAT enabled? ›

If you are looking to disable NAT, start by accessing the admin panel or settings page of your router. Once inside the admin panel, look for a settings page dedicated to NAT and turn the feature off.

Should I enable NAT for gaming? ›

Game consoles and multiplayer games require an open NAT to work properly. Issues that can come up when the game is behind a restricted NAT can include the inability to host, join games and talk to other players. Each console and game has a different way to express how open communications through the NAT are. Open.

How do I activate UPnP? ›

To enable or disable Universal Plug and Play:
  1. Launch a web browser from a computer or mobile device that is connected to your router's network.
  2. Enter the router user name and password. The user name is admin. ...
  3. Select ADVANCED > Advanced Setup > UPnP. The UPnP page displays.
  4. Select or clear the Turn UPnP On check box.
May 26, 2023

How do I improve my NAT type? ›

To change your NAT Type using a VPN hotspot:
  1. Install a gaming VPN onto your Windows 10 computer – do not connect to a server yet. ...
  2. Go to Settings > Network & Internet > Mobile Hotspot.
  3. Enable Mobile Hotspot and select to share your internet connection from Wi-fi.
Nov 14, 2022

Does NAT change IP? ›

Network address translation and how it works

Network address translation (NAT) changes the source or destination IP address or port for packets traversing the firewall.

How do I enable NAT on my router? ›

Steps to configure dynamic NAT using CLI.
  1. Login to the device using SSH / TELNET and go to enable mode.
  2. Go into the config mode.
  3. Configure the router's inside interface.
  4. Configure the router's outside interface.
  5. Configure an ACL that has a list of the inside source addresses that will be translated.

Can I turn off NAT on my router? ›

You can't actually 'disable' NAT; it's a feature you either use or don't use. The most common reason for asking this question is that users want their public (routable) IP address to be allocated to a client PC (or other device) behind the router rather than that device having a private (NAT) IP address.

How do you create a NAT rule? ›

To create a NAT rule, you provide the internal address of a workload VM or service and an external IP address of your choice. NAT rules that run on the Internet interface require a public IP address. See Request or Release a Public IP Address.

Where does NAT happen? ›

Network Address Translation (NAT) is a process that enables one, unique IP address to represent an entire group of computers. In network address translation, a network device, often a router or NAT firewall, assigns a computer or computers inside a private network a public address.

Is IPv4 my IP address? ›

Click on “Wi-Fi network” in the taskbar. Select the network you're connected to. Click on “Properties.” Scroll down to the bottom of the window — your IP will be shown next to “IPv4 address.”

What is static NAT? ›

Static (map) network address translation (NAT) provides a one-to-one mapping of private IP addresses to public IP addresses. It allows you to map an IP address on your internal network to an IP address that you want to make public.

Does NAT type affect WIFI? ›

If you find that you are having difficulty connecting to other players online, or that you're often getting disconnected from other players, it's likely that you have a Strict NAT type. In most situations you can correct this by adjusting a few settings within your wireless router or gateway.

What are the 3 types of NAT? ›

There are three different types of NAT: static, dynamic, and port address translation. Here is a breakdown of each of them. Static network address translation is where a single public IP address is directly mapped to a single private IP address.

Does NAT type affect FPS? ›

Nat shouldn't affect it.

It doesn't reduce your connection speed (It shouldn't even affect your fps), it only determines who you connect to. Not really but it does in fact impact matchmaking so you will paired with people with slow connections.

What ports need to be open for Warzone? ›

Call of Duty: Warzone Caldera
PC3074, 27014-270503074, 3478, 4379-4380, 27000-27031, 27036
PlayStation1935, 3478-34803074, 3478-3479
Xbox307488, 500, 3074, 3075, 3544, 4500
Dec 13, 2022

Why is my NAT type always unavailable? ›

This is a type of network error that happens when your Xbox is unable to generate a proper IP address (called a "Teredo IP address"), which is needed to determine where to send information during a multiplayer game.

How do I fix warzone network problems? ›

Restarting your router is often the easiest and quickest way to resolve connectivity issues. Other bandwidth-heavy applications on your network can be detrimental to your ability to connect.

How do I reset my NAT type? ›

In some scenarios, you may be able to resolve connectivity issues by refreshing the Network Address Translation (NAT) table. To refresh the NAT table on a router where UPnP is already enabled, you need to disable UPnP, save your changes, and then power cycle your router.

What causes a NAT problem? ›

You might be wondering why you have a gnat problem in the first place. Gnats are attracted to moisture, so you're most likely to encounter them in the summer months—they often hang out in moist areas of your home like your kitchen drain or potted soil.

What is port 3074 used for? ›

Ports required to use the Xbox network

These ports must be open to connect to the Xbox network: Port 88 (UDP) Port 3074 (UDP and TCP)

What is the best port for Call of Duty warzone? ›

Call of Duty: Warzone, a popular online multiplayer battle royale game, uses port 3075 (UDP) for game traffic. This port is used for game-related communication between your device and the Warzone servers.

Why can't i open port 3074? ›

If you are getting that error, it means that port 3074 is already configured for one of the mentioned services. The easiest thing that I would recommend to do is to configure the DHCP Reservation and then DMZ Host for the console.

Why won t my Xbox connect to Warzone? ›

Check for updates on the server status. Network problems: Your router and the connection between it and your console can also cause issues. Poor internet connection: Unstable internet connections can also cause issues. Outdated software: Make sure the game and your system are both fully updated.

Is Warzone servers fixed? ›

No, we are not detecting any problems with Warzone right now. We last detected an outage for Warzone on Saturday, June 17, 2023 with a duration of about 1 hour.

Why is my internet so bad on Warzone? ›

Reboot Your Router/ Modern

The software overload & accumulated heat will trouble the functionality of your internet equipment. Sometimes to reboot your router/modern will magically fix your network issue, and let us check if it cures the COD Warzone laggy problem. Try unplugging the power cord of your modern/ router.

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