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Deciding which are the best heroes in Knighthood is not the easiest task since they are pretty much similar, rarities aside, but also some of them are better in specific situations (some are better suited in PvP matches while others are better in the regular game).

Still I have decided to do my best and share with you a Knighthood Tier list in order to help you decide which are the heroes you should focus on.

Because, even though some good ones for the campaign might not be as useful in the Arena, it’s still better to have some sort of ranking than none.

We have currently listed all heroes in Knighthood – make sure to check that article as welto see them all – and decided that indeed they are very similar, with most of them divided in just a few groups based on the type of damage that they deal.

Normally, the rarer heroes – Unique or Legendary – are better than the rest because they deal more damage and can be ranked up to more start.

On the other hand, getting shards for the rarer heroes is more difficult (or expensive), so for free to play players, focusing on Rare and Epic ones might be a better idea.

As you can see, there’s not possible to really create one list to rule them all and say that this hero or that is absolutely better than others. It depends on the situations, but with all these in mind, here is how the rankings look like right now:

Knighthood Tier List: from worst to best Heroes

Knighthood Tier C Heroes

Knighthood Tier List: Best Heroes in the Game - Touch, Tap, Play (1)

Lars (While he could prove useful in specific situations, he’s a damage dealing focused hero that depends too much on other effects to offer the most he can)

Delphinia (A modest hero whose main feature is that she delays the skills of the opponents)

Don Diego (While he can prove useful in certain situation, you won’t really miss him in battle)

Grax (Solid damage dealer, but nothing spectacular about him)

Byrne (Another damage dealer with nothing to write home about)

Wormwood (He only restores armor, not health and even though you generally lose that first, there are much better healers available in the game)

Rokara (Deals damage to back row enemies, but not too spectacular otherwise)

Tara (Generic damage dealer)

Krusa (Better suited for PvE, she’s not too spectacular though)

Neko (A difficult hero to play since she deals damage to your character as well).

Outis (Good for taking out single enemies, but nothing spectacular overall)

Cladis (A good hero for dealing damage, becomes obsolete fast)

Aeron (Good for taking out single targets and dealing effects)

Fahari (Single target damage dealer. Gauntlet attack with healing makes her slightly better)

Gwen (another damage dealer that won’t matter too much in the long run)

All common heroes: Ash, Helmar, Rosalin, Sola

Knighthood Tier B Heroes

Knighthood Tier List: Best Heroes in the Game - Touch, Tap, Play (2)

Doctor Flox (A Good hero that deals a ton of damage, but difficult to play because he harms you when he attacks. Must pair him with a healer).

Erinn (A pretty straightforward unique. Not as useful as others, but definitely a good option in many situations)

Isstara (Similar to Erinn, she’s a solid damage dealer that’s good in specific situations)

Keera (The randomness of her attacks makes her less useful)

Lanasa (Good for taking out heroes in the back row, but not brilliant overall)

Gunn (Massive damage dealer, but damages you in the process)

Griz (Good hero for taking out backrow enemies and generally dealing lots of damage)

Viktor (Good in specific situations. Nice healer, but with Gauntlet attack)

Ulfred (Great hero when using the Gauntlet Attack. Her regular attack skill not as impressive)

Grimm (Good hero for dealing damage and taking out single targets. He can also restore health and armor, which is always a bonus).

Dvalin (Good in specific situations, made better with restoring)

Serra (Decent hero for campaign games, made even better by her healing capabilities)

Blaine (One of the few heroes in the game that can inflict an effect he’s strong against)

Anaara (Full time healer, very good for PvP in my opinion – maybe even one rank higher!)

Knighthood Tier A Heroes

Knighthood Tier List: Best Heroes in the Game - Touch, Tap, Play (3)

Macleod (While not spectacular by any means, he’s a Unique and deals a lot of damage)

Lance (Good hero, but restores health with the Gauntlet power, which you won’t use as much)

Vordrai (Good damage delaer, even though mostly for front row heroes. Must have healer with you if you take Vordrai into battle).

Lukin (A solid attacker made even better by the effects he can cast).

Herne (Good hero for taking our back row enemies, dealing damage and applying effects)

Ursula (One of the best Epic characters out there, perfect for dealing damage and keeping you alive. You need Gauntlet attacks to get the most out of her).

Rhiannon (Better in the campaign, where you want the back row enemies taken out).

Olaf (Strong against golems, both attacks have solid effects, really good overall for dealing damage)

Zoe (Great for taking out back row enemies and keeping you alive. Not as good in PvP though)

Titania (The only hero focused entirely on healing. She’s much more useful than many say she is!)

Tristan (Another great hero with perfect healing and restorative capabilities. Easy to rank up too)

Knighthood Tier SS Heroes (Best Heroes)

Knighthood Tier List: Best Heroes in the Game - Touch, Tap, Play (4)

Millicent (good to take out single targets, solid effects per each skill)

Balendu (Best character to keep you alive with its regular skill. Gauntlet attack is devastating as well)

Geber (Good for dealing damage, potential to Regenerate. Useful for taking out back row enemies first)

Herne (Good damage, taking out back row enemies, solid effects with each attack)

Pentatonix (Say what you will, but healing heroes are really good. This one deals little damage, but keeps your character alive – so he’s perfect for Arena battles, for example)

Nijuro (Almost the same thing as Pentatonix, with slightly different effects. Focus on either of the two)

Ericson (Crazy dude that deals a ton of damage)

Logan (Massive damage dealer with restorative capacities. You can’t ask for more)

Alder (Another massive damage dealer)

Zalam ( The only rare on this list. I initially had Zoe instead of him here, but decided he’s more useful because you can get better healing results from him. Not good for PvP though)

TIP for mixing up these heroes:

I suggest bringing in at least one healer into the group when playing the Arena or Boss Battles. If you can bring two solid heroes that deal damage and restore health/armor, even better.

Don’t get two full healers (like both Pentatonix and Nijuro) as you still need to deal some damage, but Nijuro and Logan for example, are a good match.

Always look for the restorative capacities of your heroes. At the moment, these are the best for general matches – in campaign, you can still go full offense with your heroes and do well.

I also have an article about the best heroes for PvP in Knighthood, since I think that’s where you need a different set from the “general” good ones! Also, don’t forget to check out our Knighthood tips and tricks as well.

Until then, let me know what you think about this Knighthood tier list and which heroes would you rink higher (or lower) for general gameplay.

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Knighthood Tier List: Best Heroes in the Game


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Knighthood Tier List: Best Heroes in the Game - Touch, Tap, Play (2024)


Is Garron good in knighthood? ›

Despite his unpromising be ginning, Garron eventually grew into a behemoth of a man, whose stature was matched by his level-headedness and compassion. His skill in both planning and executing battles saw him rise high in the ranks of the Pure, until he was second-in-command to Armand, the High Priest himself.

How do you get Titania in knighthood? ›

Shards for Titania can be obtained by completing Hunts in Highport, Highgard.

What is the highest title of knighthood? ›

Dame/Knight Grand Cross (GBE)

Grand Cross is the highest class in many of the Orders.

How to get Brutus in Knighthood? ›

Shards for Brutus can be obtained by opening Hero Chests and Legendary Heroic Chests.

How to capture a dead parrot in Knighthood? ›

The Dead Parrot can be found in the Bramble View hunt in Highgard. It must be captured with the Knight's Gauntlet. When captured, it starts at level 5. Capturing a duplicate will grant the player 10 Un-bread.

How to capture a minion in Knighthood? ›

Each Minion must first be captured by defeating it in a Hunt with a specific Gauntlet equipped. In Arena battles, they attack or use a power once after the Knight's turn, unless they are stunned, frozen or killed.

How do you get fame in knighthood? ›

A player's fame increases with any activity they take part in, such as completing Hunts. Harder battles can grant a player more fame. However, fame is gradually gained by simply playing the game, so players who have played Knighthood for a long period of time, generally possess a higher fame score.

What is a warrior hero in knighthood? ›

Heroes in Knighthood are spirits of past warriors in their prime who serve as companions to the Knight, who summons them into battle with a Gauntlet. There are currently 4 Common, 18 Rare, 14 Epic, 18 Legendary and 17 Unique Heroes, for a total of 71.

Is A Knight considered a rank? ›

In the course of the 12th century, knighthood became a social rank with a distinction being made between milites gregarii (non-noble cavalrymen) and milites nobiles (true knights).

What does Focus do in Knighthood? ›

Focus. Focus boosts critical chance by 25%. If this effect is applied after Unfocus, it will negate that effect. Focus does not affect Hero Powers.

Did knights have titles? ›

Knights and Dames are titles conferred by The Crown, and are for life only. A knight may use the title 'Sir' before his name (ie Sir John Smith), and a dame may use the title 'Dame' before her name (ie Dame Mary Jones).

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