The best Mother's Day gifts 2024: What moms are hoping for this year (2024)

The funny thing about shopping for the best Mother's Day gifts is that though it might seem impossible to find the perfect gift for mom, in reality, it likely won't take an expensive price tag to tug on her heartstrings. A thoughtful gift can go a long way, and we're here to help you find those perfect items to shop this Mother's Day.

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Our hand-curated list below has been carefully picked by our shopping editor who spends her time researching and testing products so you don't have to. This year we've paid particularly close attention to gift baskets and subscription gift options for the moms who just don't want more stuff. We love a gift that is unexpected and one mom isn't likely to buy herself.

A personalized doormat or monogrammed bag are some of our standard suggestions, but this year we've added a few more practical gifts to our list. Why, you ask? Because practical gifts can be thoughtful. Like this Drew Barrymore Beautiful electric tea kettle. It has shoppers raving about its aesthetic and quality. Any tea-lover likely has their preferred method of boiling water and no need for a fancy new kettle, but that's what makes it a great gift. We've selected quite a few items that might seem more practical than fun, but after polling many moms about what they really want this Mother's Day, those all seemed to top the list.

Some of these more thoughtful selections require a bit of lead time, but if you're more of a last-minute shopper, we've picked items that will fit that bill, too. Plus, we've got the best Mother's Day flower delivery spots picked, too. Shop our picks for the best Mother's Day gifts to buy this year below!

Best Mother's Day Gifts

This electric kettle will be a counter decoration as much as it is a functional appliance in mom's kitchen. This Drew Barrymore gooseneck kettle uses a 1200-watt plate for quick heat-up and comes in a few soft colors that would look great on many counter tops.

$30 at Walmart

Whether she’s cooking, baking, gardening, or cleaning, Mom is rarely sitting down. Help keep her feet cushioned and comfy in these Bronax pillow slippers, which have a 1.7-inch-thick sole and are lightweight and compression-resistant. The wide single strap provides a supportive and snug fit, and these slippers are available in 16 different colors. Trust us, she won’t want to take them off.

$24 at Amazon

Taking care of mom's well-being has never been easier. Gift her a Soothe gift card so she can book an on-demand massage, facial, hair appointment, nail appointment or other beauty service — right to her door.

$50 at Soothe

Few things are cozier than a fragrant candle burning, so make sure Mom has a new scent every month with a Candle of the Month subscription from Brooklyn Candle Studio. With this subscription, $35 per month, she’ll receive a seasonal candle and matchbox every one, two, or three months based on the delivery frequency you select. Brooklyn Candle Studio’s candles are made of 100% soy wax, all wicks are lead-free, and scents are made up of premium fragrance oils and essential oils.

$35 at Brooklyn Candle Studio

Pair with this flameless candle warmer:

  • The best Mother's Day gifts 2024: What moms are hoping for this year (25)

    2-in-1 Candle and Fragrance Warmer

    Enjoy the scent with no flame.

The eco-friendly sneakers come in 15 different colors and are loved by none other than Helen Mirren. We love the bright green pair she owns, but you can't go wrong with buying mom a pair of these comfy kicks this Mother's Day.

$85 at Cariuma

This 4-position backpack beach chair is great for the beach-obsessed mom who isn't looking to lug a heavy chair but would like to sit a little higher off the sand to help those knees.

$60 at Walmart

A birthstone for every kid or grandkid, this 14k gold-plated paperclip chain necklace is sure to please mom. Prices vary by number of charms added to the necklace. The three-stone version seen here is priced as marked.

$154 at Brook & York

A jade roller is a great gift, so long as it comes with a bit of an explanation. Tell mom it's great to keep in the fridge and roll on your face first thing in the morning to awaken your skin. This nifty one comes with two different sides: a smooth end and a studded end. They both provide different skin workouts for a puff-free look.

$25 at Nordstrom

For the mom whose only plans this summer are to hit the beach to sit poolside. This "gift basket" (one of our picks for the best gift baskets for mom in 2024) comes in a cute beach bag that she can use on her next trip and comes filled with a quick-drying Turkish towel, a "Good Vibes Only" travel mug with lid, oatcake biscuits, hibiscus tea, sweet and salty kettle corn, Stellar Mini Braids Maui Monk treats and a strawberry frosé drink mix.

Just add sunscreen and she has pretty much everything she needs for a day by the pool.

$70 at 1-800-Flowers

The best Mother's Day gifts 2024: What moms are hoping for this year (31)

Mark & Graham

Allow a little extra time for shipping on this one, but elevate mom's pool game with a personalized terrycloth beach tote. Available in tons of bright and cheery colors, Mark & Graham offers personalization right on-site so you can order with one simple click.

$84 at Mark & Graham

Nothing makes you feel quite so put together as a nice pair of pajamas to slumber in. This menswear-inspired set includes a button-down top and drawstring bottoms with a 30-inch inseam and the super soft material make it great for any season.

$39 at Nordstrom

Another personalized option, this outdoor flower pot is sure to tug on the heartstrings of mom, especially if you include her kids or grandkids' names.

$40 at Personalization Mall

A namebrand handbag is never a bad choice, and this classic medium leather satchel is chic, streamlined, and feminine—perfect for Mother's Day gifting. It's available in five colors: Blossom Pink, Turtle Green, Conch Pink, and Black.

$139 at Kate Spade Outlet

A welcome mat may not seem like the most sentimental gift, but when you consider that a high-quality or even cheeky doormat will save Mom from seeing dirt tracked into her home, it makes it all that much more thoughtful.

$26 at Amazon

A stone bath mat is one of our favorite gifts to give just about anyone, but especially busy moms. With this diatomaceous earth shower mat, you'll never have to step onto a soggy bath mat again. It is super absorbent and quick-drying.

$60 at Amazon

Book Of The Month is a great gift for any mom, but we especially love it for the new moms in your life. Each month, she'll get to pick from a curated hardcover or audiobook selection. If she doesn't want a book that month, she can skip it without using her credit.

Prices range from $60 for a 3-month subscription, to $200 for a 12-month subscription.

From $60 per month at Book Of The Month

Talk about a gift she likely hasn't bought for herself but might want. This uber-popular Stanley Quencher insulated mug will ensure mom is hydrated and on-trend. Reviewers say that it’s “worth the money,” making it Amazon’s no. 1 best seller in the home and kitchen category.

$39 at Amazon

Explore More Buying Options

$45 at Zappos$45 at REI

Let’s be honest: We can't go wrong with loungewear, and a well-made robe is something she'll use for years. One of our editors highly recommends this particular “super plush” robe from Brooklinen. Made with 100% Turkish cotton and featuring deep pockets, cuffed edges, and a piped collar, it's been her go-to robe each and every day.

$101 at Brooklinen

It’s hard to buy makeup and beauty gifts for someone, but what we love about this TULA under-eye brightening balm is that you don’t need to know someone’s complexion number or shade preference since it’s good for every type of skin tone. It goes on with a cooling sensation and is formulated with skin-loving probiotics to help brighten and refresh tired skin over time.

$30 at Amazon

The best Mother's Day gifts 2024: What moms are hoping for this year (2024)
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