The History Of The Longest Discord Call (2024)

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This video explains The Complete History Of The Longest Discord Call. From calls just over a week old to calls that are months old.

If I forgot a few calls or any other info, please comment to let me know. If you have any questions read pinned comment for more information.

We currently have The Longest Discord Call World Record (publicly) as of June 29th 2023. (20,000 hours) with updated proof:

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So we all obviously know what discord is, we all know that you can call people on discord, but there doesn't seem to be a limit to how long calls can go on discord, which makes us think how long can a discord call go on for.

This is the history of the longest discord call on december 31st of 2017, a youtuber named ronald donator uploaded, a video of a call being 178 hours long.

Now 178 hours is just over a week.

And this video basically shows every single message in the group chat.

This was the first longest discord call.

Now this call seemed to be the longest for a long period of time.

No one tried breaking the record in a week.

No one tried breaking the record in over a month.

But just about six months later, a youtuber by the name of sdslayer uploads, a 266 hour long call, which is half a week longer than the old, longest discord call.

Now ronald actually commented on this video and said, congratulations, we might come back for it.


So that didn't happen.

But just about two months later on august 10th of 2018, someone would upload a video of one of the longest discord calls ever 476 hours still going.

Now I ended up finding a comment three years ago, saying, if it was still going, but unfortunately, he responded with no, it stopped at 598 hours.

So the world record was 598 hours almost an entire month of just a discord call.

Now the 598 hour long call was uploaded on august 10th of 2018.

But little did they know on june 17th, sd slayer started another call and got 728 hours.

Now I don't know about you, but that is the first call to be a month old.

So while the 598 hour long call was uploaded on august 10th, august 12th was the day that sdslayer uploaded his 728 hour, long call onto youtube.

And every couple of months, some videos would be uploaded to youtube called longest discord call.

But unfortunately, they would only be a couple days old.

Some calls could be 400 hours.

Some calls could be 600 but never passed 728 hours.

But on august 6th of 2019, just about one year after sd slayer's 728 hour, long call another video was uploaded of the new, longest discord call.

This is the two month long, discord call.

Now this was the call that everyone knew about everyone who was participating in the longest call everyone wanting to know what the world record was everyone knew it was this video right here.

And after this video gained some attention, a lot of people were trying to break the record and get a new, longest call and get the world record.

But unfortunately, no one would reach the world record.

The record stayed for a month.

The record stayed for six months.

The record stayed for a year.

But on march 11 of 2021, a popular youtuber with 250 000 subscribers called funny bunny made a video of a call of theirs hitting 000 hours.

Now throughout the video, and throughout the comments and description and other social media, they said that they were still going, and they were gonna see how long they could get and go for the world record.

Now at this time, I was looking around every single social media, everyone who is participating in the call to see if they had the world record or not and turns out they did.

They ended up making a video on tick, tock of hitting a thousand hours.

Another video on tick, tock hitting 2 000 hours.

And then their call ended.

Although this was a sad moment, they announced it and their call ended at around 2400 hours.

Now there isn't an exact time of when their call ended, but it's somewhere between 2400 hours, which is just about 100 days.

And once that video gained attention a lot more people started doing their own call.

And at one point there were a few calls that were beyond 2000 hours way, more than two thousand hours.

Some other people like trumo's strike, xp and a couple other people tried to beat the world record of 2, 400 hours.

And this is where it gets crazy.

Europe, 333 made a video of celebrating passing sd slayer 2 month long call.

And while this wasn't, the world record, their call was still going.

They would update the title and thumbnail 3 month call 4 month, call five-month call.

But back at this time that was considered the longest discord call, but there have been some other calls that haven't really been publicly announced yet like this on august 2nd, a video is uploaded of the new, longest discord call world record in which it's 6 months old or 4 438 hours.

The thing about this video is that to my knowledge, there was no announcement that they started the call or announced that the call hit a thousand hours or two thousand hours just a six month long call because their call started back.

Then january 29th of this year, meaning, mostly every call in 2021 funny, bunnies call europe's call and a couple other people's calls weren't.

Actually the world record turns out this is the longest call world record, but everything comes to an end on september 23rd, the person who started the call tweeted saying that their call ended.

This ended up bringing just a bit of attention.

But this turned out to be the end of the longest discord call now at this moment me or no one else knows how long this call actually was all we know is that this call is somewhere between five thousand.

Six hundred sixty hours through five thousand, seven hundred and twelve hours their call started on january 29th and ended on september 23rd.

So most people might be asking so is the longest call not actually two months is it not three thousand hours? Well, no, the longest call is not two months.

The longest call is not three thousand hours, nor is it five thousand, seven hundred and twelve hours that's, right? There is one more call that is longer than this one.

The current world record call is still going at this moment.

The people who actually hold this call is me and my friends.

Now as of making this video, it is currently november 10th, meaning, our call is currently 5716.


Our call is just barely ahead of the other call that happened.

But as of november 10th, there are no videos on youtube, any twitter posts anything on tick tock that shows a call longer than 5 716 hours.

Now, like some people you're probably gonna have to look far into twitter or far in the comments section to actually see if a call ended or not because to my experience I have to do that, because some people don't actually tell that their calls ended, hopefully you get what I mean I will remind everyone if our call ends or not.

I will have something in the description saying, if the call is still going or not if our call does end, though I will announce in the description and comments with probably an unlisted video of our reaction to the call ending as well.

Now, I'm, not here to explain everything that happened in our call or any other call.

If you want to know why most calls ended you could just look at the description of most videos or you're.

Probably just here to see the history of longest discord calls if you have any questions related to the longest discord call or why some calls ended or any other information, go ahead and comment down below, I will answer mostly every single question as fast as I possibly can.

Okay? So here I am a day later, um, the reason why I'm here at this moment is because I just want to go ahead and show you guys something.

So as you can see there's, basically stuff like this, basically what I want to go ahead and show is I want to show this call right here.

So our call started on march 17th as of right here, right? Um.

So it says, it's lasted six months.

And usually it says this when a call ends.

But the thing is, if I leave the call, I can just rejoin the call just like this.

Now I have absolutely no clue why it does this.

I don't know if it's bugged or not.

So I decided to tell one of my friends to go on their phone and look at the call itself and to them it's still going for an example right here.

You can see that it's, uh started a call for some people and the call's actually still going at the moment.

But right here you could see on phone that it says, 5716 hours 41 minutes and 18 seconds at 7.

41 pm, do the math do whatever we live in the est daylight savings also happened within this call.

So also there are going to be a lot of questions and answers in the description, including a lot more stuff.

This is pretty much just what I wanted to show for this.

And that is the longest recall you.

The History Of The Longest Discord Call (2024)


How long was the longest Discord call 2023? ›

World record for longest discord call is 1451 hours were so freaking close!!

What was the longest call ever? ›

(Dan) The longest telephone conversation lasted 46 hours, 12 minutes and 52 seconds, by Avery Leonard and Eric Roff Brewster.

How long can a Discord call be? ›

Discord vs Zoom meeting length 1:0
Meeting lengthDiscordZoom
Group meeting length in the free planUnlimited40 minutes
Group meeting length in paid plansUnlimited30 hours
Overall impression⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Jul 18, 2022

Can a Discord call be full? ›

Press F11 to cover full screen of discord.

Is it legal to record Discord calls? ›

On the contrary, states such as California and Florida are two-party consent states, meaning—both parties must consent before recording the meeting.

Can 10 years use Discord? ›

Discord requires that users be at least 13 years old, although they do not verify users' age upon signup. Common Sense Media also recommends that Discord users be at least 13 due to its open chat.

Why is Discord 1 hour behind? ›

If you're using the Discord app, it will take the time zone from the operating system that it's running on. In other words, if your time zone is wrong on Discord, it's because there's a problem with the time zone settings on your computer. In order to fix your Discord time zone, you'll need to fix the time settings.

Do Discord calls end after 5 minutes? ›

On the desktop app, if you're in a private call with someone and the other person leaves the call for over 5 minutes, Clyde will automatically disconnect you to save bandwidth.

How long is the longest hug? ›

Guinness said the record for the world's longest hug is currently held by Ron O'Neil and Theresa Kerr of Canada. Their embrace was achieved on June 13, 2010 and lasted 24 hours and 33 minutes.

How long is world's longest burp? ›

The lengthiest burp lasted one minute 13 seconds and was achieved by Michele Forgione in Reggiolo, Italy, on 16 June 2009. The fastest time to dress a Barbie doll is 30.22 seconds, achieved by Tanya Currie (UK) at Butlins, Minehead, on 3 July, 2010.

Does Discord expire? ›

If you want the invite link to never expire, make sure you are in a Community Server before setting Expire After to Never. The maximum duration for Friends Servers is 30 days. If you want the invite link to have infinite uses, you can set Max number of uses to No limit.

Why did Zoom beat Discord? ›

So, which one is better: Zoom or Discord? If you need to chat and use video or audio, Discord is an excellent app for you. Zoom, on the other hand, with its array of features, is built for businesses and conferences and will allow you to communicate on a more professional level with optimized tools.

Can you be in a Discord call twice? ›

Yup, you can be logged into as many devices at the same time, but you can only be in one voice room at a time.

How long until Discord kicks you out of a call? ›

Discord now disconnects you from a call after being alone for 3 minutes rather than 5 : r/discordapp.

Can you leave Discord calls overnight? ›

Once you wake up your laptop, and thus your connection, it will remember where you were connected and attempt to re-connect you. So, yes, you do exit the voice chat after a while when your laptop goes into sleep mode.

Can you silently leave a Discord call? ›

When you click on "Leave call," a confirmation message will appear asking you to confirm that you want to leave the call. To leave the call without anyone knowing, simply click on the "Leave call quietly" button instead of the "Leave call" button.

Does Discord check DMS? ›

If you like a bit of privacy, you may be wondering: Can Discord see my messages? Unfortunately, Discord's admin team is able to read private messages and messages sent on private servers.

Does Discord save deleted messages? ›

Are Deleted Discord Messages Gone Forever? Yes, Discord users know there is no way to see deleted messages. This is because when a message is deleted, it is permanently removed from the servers.

Is Discord voice monitored? ›

"However, we want to be clear: Discord does not store or record user content without their knowledge."

Who is Discord owned by? ›

While Jason Citron and Stanislav Vishnevskiy founded Discord, the company is currently privately owned by Discord, Inc.

Why do kids want Discord? ›

One popular teen usage of Discord is as a voice-chat while playing video games. While some games have their own team-speak services built in, most don't, and those that do often are not that great. Discord is an easier and higher quality option when your teen wants to talk to their friends they're playing with.

Why are 12 year olds not allowed on Discord? ›

Some of the servers on Discord are themed around adult topics that might not be suitable for your child. There are also reports of harmful and illegal content being shared on the platform. Anyone over the age of 13 can join public servers on Discord.

Is Discord on PS5? ›

We're beyond excited to announce that you can now use Discord voice chat on your PS5 to talk with your friends on desktop, web, console, or mobile.

How do you get 12 hour time on Discord? ›

Currently, the only way to change date and time display (between 12h/24h, or DD/MM/YYYY and MM/DD/YYYY) is to change the language, and you can either have 24h and DD/MM or 12h and MM/DD.

Why is my Discord in 24 hour time? ›

Whether your output is 12-hour or 24-hour depends on your Discord language setting. For example, if you have your Discord language set to English, US 🇺🇸 , you will get a 12-hour output. If your Discord language is set to English, UK 🇬🇧 , you will get a 24-hour output.

Why does Discord kick you after 5 minutes? ›

On the desktop app, if you're in a private call with someone and the other person leaves the call for over 5 minutes, Clyde will automatically disconnect you to save bandwidth.

What's the longest kiss ever? ›

The longest kiss lasted 58 hours, 35 minutes and 58 seconds, achieved by Ekkachai Tiranarat and Laksana Tiranarat (both Thailand) at an event organized by Ripley's Believe It or Not!

What is the best longest kiss ever? ›

Longest kiss, but with a twist

The kiss lasted for a whopping 4 minutes 6 seconds beneath the water in an infinity pool.

What is the longest couple kiss? ›

In a record-breaking attempt, Beth Neale from South Africa and Miles Cloutier from Canada locked lips for over 4 minutes and 6 seconds in an infinity pool at the LUX South Ari Atoll resort in Maldives. According to the Guinness World Records, the couple began their attempt at 7:30 am on February 4.

How long is the longest recorded fart? ›

6. The record-breaking fart. This fart has impacted history as it has made it to the Guiness Book of World Records for the longest fart ever: 2 minutes and 42 seconds by Bernard Clemmens.

What if I burp 100 times a day? ›

Excessive burping is often due to the foods and drinks that a person consumes. It can also result from behavioral conditions, such as aerophagia and supragastric belching, or issues relating to the digestive tract, such as gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD).

What is the longest inhale ever? ›

Once I heard it I became calm and ready to fight the time." And fight the time he did! 24 minutes 37.36 seconds later he had secured a new world record. Before the attempt, Budimir hyperventilated with pure oxygen - the guidelines for this record allow this for up to 30 minutes before the attempt starts.

Who had the most babies? ›

Valentina Vassilyeva and her husband Feodor Vassilyev are alleged to hold the record for the most children a couple has produced. She gave birth to a total of 69 children – sixteen pairs of twins, seven sets of triplets and four sets of quadruplets – between 1725 and 1765, a total of 27 births.

How can I broke world record? ›

How do I apply to set or break a record?
  1. Register for an account.
  2. You will receive an email with an activation link. ...
  3. Click on the green 'Apply for a record' button.
  4. Search for the record that you want to break.
  5. When you find the record, click the 'Apply Now' button. ...
  6. Complete the application form.

Do you get paid if you break a world record? ›

If you have a certain skill and you want to try to break a record, surely one of the first questions that comes to your mind is how much they pay to make a Guinness World Record. Contrary to what many people believe, entering the Guinness Book of World Records does not have any type of economic compensation.

Can Discord ban IP? ›

Yes, Discord allows IP banning. Actually, every ban is an IP ban. An IP ban is stronger than a typical ban and prevents a person from accessing your server from another account. Your IP address tells the app or website you're using who you are and what data you've provided to the server you joined.

Can Discord verify your age? ›

To verify, you would send an email to discord staff containing your user id, and your Proof of Age. Then wait a few weeks to be verified.

Do 30 year olds use Discord? ›

Discord is for ages 13 and up, so mostly teens and adults use it. It's been around for 6 years, so most of the veteran users who were the OG teens on Discord are now adults. Discord's developers don't really factor age into the business model; it's all about occupational needs.

Who banned Zoom? ›

Zoom has been banned from government business in Taiwan in the latest setback for the hugely popular video-calling app.

Why did Zoom get banned? ›

Even Zoom CEO Eric Yuan admitted the company moved too fast and made missteps. These security flaws have prompted some organizations, companies, governments, government agencies, and schools to ban Zoom or restrict its use.

Is Discord for free? ›

Joining Discord is as easy as using the service on your desktop browser or downloading the free app available for Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, and Windows.

How rare is Discord Remix call? ›

There's a very small – and we mean small – chance you can get a secret ringtone when calling someone. According to Discord staff, this is the rarest easter egg. The chance that users will receive a remixed version of Discord incoming call ringtone is 0.1%!

What happens if 2 people have the same name on Discord? ›

On Discord, multiple people can have the same name but there is a 4 digit discriminator to make the difference. If a 'user1' (Discord name user1#4567) is already existing in the database and another user1 (Discord name user1#1122) wants to join, the below error appears.

Where is Discord on PS5? ›

Once you have the PS5 7.0 update installed, head over to 'Settings', then to 'Users and Accounts' and finally, 'Linked Services'. Here, you will see the Discord option – select it.

What is the longest mute in Discord? ›

The longest you can mute a channel without losing track of it is 24 hours.

What Discord server has over 1 million members? ›

1. Genshin Impact Official. With nearly 1 million members, it's no wonder that this Discord server is thriving, seeing as everyone there gets to discuss one of the best action role-playing games ever: Genshin Impact.

Can you get banned for being 12 on Discord? ›

Discord requires that users be at least 13 years old, although they do not verify users' age upon signup. Common Sense Media also recommends that Discord users be at least 13 due to its open chat.

When did Discord ban NSFW? ›

The changes walk back a stricter ban on NSFW content that Discord put in place last week. On April 12th, Discord said it would require server owners to mark their community as NSFW if it was “organized around NSFW themes.” Under the original plan, any server marked NSFW would have been inaccessible on iOS.

When did Discord hit 1 million users? ›

In the summer of 2015, Discord was just a failed video game. It had been released in May of that year to little fanfare and quickly fell off the radar. But in late November, something amazing happened: it hit 1 million users. And then 2 million users.

Does deafening yourself on Discord mute you? ›

Discord gives you the option to either mute or deafen yourself. Muting yourself will prevent others in the voice channel from hearing what you are saying. Deafening yourself will prevent you from hearing others and will also mute you.

How many people can be in one Discord call? ›

Also, one great feature in Discord's voice calls is how many people can participate. As mentioned, you can talk with up to 100 users at the same time. There is a limit for Discord video calls though, and you can see up to 25 of your friends at a time – which is a lot better than 2 in Slack.

Does silent have a Discord? ›

Discord now allows users to send “silent” messages to other users. When a silent message is sent, the recipient won't receive a push or desktop notification from the Discord application. However, they'll still be able to see the “notification dot” that tells them they have a new message to read.

Is 800000 the max on a Discord server? ›

Discord has a max capacity of 800,000 users - nearly one million. This is to mitigate server issues so that each one can actually function.

Who is the first user in Discord? ›

The name of the first Discord user is — drumroll please — Vind. Vind was the earliest cohort and user of Discord.

What's the oldest Discord bot? ›

The first bot was named Airhorn Solutions and it was released on April 1st, 2016. In its first week, it sent over 500K messages in over 8K servers. It introduced Discord's official API.

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