This Bride Read Her Cheating Fiancé’s Texts at the Altar Instead of Her Vows (2023)


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This bride read her cheating fiance's texts at the altar.

Instead of her vows.

Most little girls look forward to the day that they marry the love of their lives.

In fact, many women have their dream wedding planned out before they even start dating.

The man they plan to marry Casey was just like many other women.

And she was looking forward to the day that she finally got to say, I do to the love of her life after all of our planning.

She never expected her day to play out this way they were about to make their marriage official.

But there was something that case he needed to do first her whole family was there to support her, but they had no clue what was about to happen.

And she noticed that her parents eyes were filling with tears.

She immediately knew that she needed to expose her fiance for what he was.

It was time for Casey to answer the priest questions, but she pulled out her phone instead, the bride then began to read text messages that proved everyone who her fiance really was the couple had been dating one another for a little over six years in an interview with whim, the bride explained that she knew he was the one from the moment they met eventually, even their families became friends.

I believed we would live happily ever after said, Casey, but Casey got a message on the day of her wedding that made her heart, sink Casey, woke up early on her wedding day to prepare for the day with her girlfriends, the friends, shared memories and laughed about everything they've done to make their wedding beautiful.

The flowers the bottles of champagne, the dress and all of the excitement that would soon fill the air Casey was only a few hours away of saying, I do too the love of her life.

But she had no clue that she wouldn't be getting the wedding.

She dreamed of Casey and her girlfriend spent some time in her hotel room drinking champagne.

They all felt like princesses, because of how ritzy the hotel room was suddenly Casey's phone began to buzz.

And she walked over to check it out.

She'd been receiving all kinds of messages of love and congratulations all day long.

But this message was different as Casey picked up her phone.

One of the bridesmaids said, phone is running hot tonight Casey, most certainly wasn't expecting this message and everything changed as soon as she read it.

The text had a bunch of different pictures from a number that she didn't know and a message that said, I would marry him will you the pictures were pictures of different conversations between another woman and her fiance, the screen shot showed a wide range of things, including selfies of the woman and Casey fiance.

The woman in all the pictures was completely different than Casey.

She had olive skin and dark hair.

What was happening Casey immediately took the phone and locked herself inside the bathroom.

So she could examine every single picture.

These texts went months back.

And there was even some from a few days prior she couldn't figure out what was going on.

But she knew these texts were real, could someone be playing a trick on her? Everything was ready for an unforgettable day.

All the guests had arrived.

And the caterers were already serving food, Casey, couldn't, stop thinking about the texts, and she had no clue what to do one text said this weekend you and I it's on hot stuff, bring your a-game Casey couldn't, believe that her fiance would cheat on her.

Now she had to get revenge, but how imagine LKC felt she was in love with her fiance, and she was ready to marry him, but how could she ever go through with it? Knowing what she knew now she had a lot to think about.

So she turned to the people who could help her the most her wedding was only a few hours away.

But those tacks kept swirling around her mind stabbing her in the heart.

There was no way she could cancel, but she told her bridesmaids, what was happening her friends were shocked at the news, but they knew something had to be done the bridesmaids wanted to hear everything, but Casey was too shook up to divulge it.

All Casey was still in shock.

But she decided to do.

What was expected of her I was going to go ahead with the wedding as expected and out him in front of our friends and family.

She explained.

So she dressed in her stunning white dress grabbed her flowers and headed down.

The aisle.

My dream dress is.

Now just a costume.

She began to think, as she walked towards the man who was breaking her heart Casey's fiance looked at her.

As she made her way down the aisle he knew that she didn't look happy but hit no clue what that was about I arrived at the front of the, room, took a big breath and faced our friends, our parents and I told them the truth about Alex, said, Casey once the time came for Casey to say, I, do she took out her phone instead and faced her friends and family Casey announced there will be no wedding today.

Jaws dropped all over the room as guests.

Tried to understand what was happening even the groom was taken by surprise at Casey's announcement.

He quickly tried to grab Casey's hand, but she flicked it away and continued speaking.

It seems alex is not who I thought he was.

Needless to say, the crowd was shocked, but the groom continued to try to grab Casey's hands again as Casey dropped the bouquet.

She exposed the well-hidden phone.

She was clinging to Casey then began to read every text and show every screen shot to the crowd, the groom was caught.

And there was nothing that he can say to fix things, followed by his best man.

He immediately left the church.

So what was going to happen next for the couple? The family of the groom looked repulsed.

They couldn't believe what was happening and neither could any of the other guests Casey realized that she'd have to give a better explanation.

So after taking a deep breath, she began to speak as she faced her guests, Casey said, I love all of you.

And as horrible as this is I'm, glad you're all here, there will not be a wedding reception today.

But instead, there will be a celebration of honesty, finding true love and following your heart, even when it hurts, there was some cheering and awkward applauses.

But it seemed that Casey's bridesmaids were the ones clapping.

They couldn't believe how strong Casey was and continuing everything that she'd planned for the day, except for the actual getting married part, even though Casey wasn't getting married.

She still had plenty to celebrate.

She just avoided a toxic marriage and a life of unhappiness.

But what was she going to do next Casey celebrated that night by being surrounded by her friends and family? She may have been heartbroken, but she was celebrating because she almost made a horrible mistake Kaycee through an amazing party.

And everyone went home with a smile on their face.

But why did her fiance cheat? How did she not realize it before dr.

Rowan Burkhart believes that there are two big reasons why people choose to cheat.

The first is what the cheater probably sees as a problem in the relationship.

The second is the string party failing to have romantic feelings for their partner.

He said, Casey had no clue that her fiance was cheating on her.

Of course they had their problems.

But when things were bad Casey, just tried to sleep on it in hopes that it would be better.

The next day Casey was lucky enough to find out about his cheating ways before they got married Casey brought her story to the public.

And it quickly went viral.

Casey story creates a bit of commotion.

And it seemed like everyone had an opinion about it, a very brave woman who deserves and will certainly find someone better I wish, her luck and happiness.

Expressed Graham Houghton Wow, very strong and forward thinking of her honesty is the best policy with self and others blessings all agreed, Willa, G, even so Casey explained.

It was certainly not the wedding day I had planned, but to our credit, it was one hell of a party Casey may have been heartbroken, but she knew what she needed to do.

She showed herself a bunch of self-love and refused to allow herself to be treated poorly.

Every person should take a page out of Casey's book and celebrate their own worth.

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