Turtle Beach Premium VelocityOne Flightdeck HOTAS Now Available (2024)

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Tuesday, February 13th 2024

Turtle Beach Premium VelocityOne Flightdeck HOTAS Now Available (1)

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Flight sim fans should suit-up and get ready for action as best-selling gaming headset and accessories maker Turtle Beach Corporation today announced the Turtle Beach VelocityOne Flightdeck is now available. VelocityOne Flightdeck is Turtle Beach's premium combat HOTAS (Hands-On Throttle And Stick) flight simulation control system. It is designed to provide full-control mastery in today's sophisticated flight and space combat games on Windows 10 & 11 PCs. VelocityOne Flightdeck is available now from Turtle Beach and participating retailers for $399.99 MSRP.

"Whether you're flying in the skies or stratosphere, VelocityOne Flightdeck delivers an unmatched contemporary flight simulation experience," said Cris Keirn, Interim CEO & SVP of Global Sales, Turtle Beach Corporation. "We're excited to continue expanding our best-selling and award-winning lineup with the new VelocityOne Flightdeck HOTAS."

Expertly designed by the same team behind Turtle Beach's best-in-class VelocityOne Flight, VelocityOne Rudder, and VelocityOne Flightstick, the all-new VelocityOne Flightdeck controls mirror those of today's state-of-the-art fighter jets and advanced spacecraft. VelocityOne Flightdeck provides a peerless HOTAS experience with its comprehensive controls. Fifteen axes and 139 programmable functions allow pilots to customize the controls to their liking while keeping them immersed in the action during gameplay. The world's first Flight Touch Display and an OLED Heads-Up Display deliver unprecedented levels of performance optimization and customization. Additionally, VelocityOne Flightdeck's Flight Hangar app for Windows PC and iOS/Android devices provides even more in-depth customization, including control of RGB lighting zones and additional touchscreens for pilots to expand their setup.

Source:Turtle Beach

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OK - at first glance it looks really cool, but the closer I look at it, a number of things pop out in my mind.
I typically play DCS World using Oculus Quest 2 with the Logitech X56 and Logitech G pedals so I don't want to look down if I can avoid it.

#1 The Landing Gear switch would be better on the throttle stick side. They should have made a control panel extension on the throttle unit in fact.

#2 I like the idea of a touch display toggle for remapping control switches. But, when you fly with VR headsets YOU CAN'T SEE THEM or FEEL THEM.

#3 When in doubt, always copy the basic design of the WARTHOG HOTAS. The F-16 and A-10 Thunderbolt use that design. To some extent, the Apache does as well.
This doesn't appear to have a nose wheel steering button where it needs to be or a TRIM hat where it needs to be.
My X56's designers got that right.

#4 Better to have a flaps bar closer towards the inside like the HOTAS WARTHOG.

Overall, it's cool but it requires too much "looking down at it". What you really want is a HOTAS with controls you don't need to look at so you can use your VR headsets. The VR headset gives you far more immersion and allows you to not need to program look actions into one of the high hats or joysticks.


The joystick looks like it was designed as a standalone peripheral instead of part of a HOTAS. In flight sims you'll rarely take your hand off of the stick, so having controls on the base is a waste. The touch screen is a nice thought, but even outside VR, it is going to require you to look at it instead of just manipulating it. There's a reason that modern fighters still have almost exclusively physical controls; they're superior. You always have postive confirmation where you're putting your finger to go hand in hand with the muscle memory that guides you to the correct control. That's a lesson that automotive manufacturers are having to relearn since they tried moving everything over to soft keys or capacitance switches. If I'm already spending $400, I may as well spend a few hundred more and step into something better.


I see TB followed up with some nice pedals. GOOD JOB.

Turtle Beach Premium VelocityOne Flightdeck HOTAS Now Available (2024)
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