Vinyl Plank Flooring (2024)

Vinyl Wood Planks

Vinyl plank flooring offers the look of real natural hardwood flooring at a fraction of the price. If you're looking for high-quality commercial grade, light commercial, or residential vinyl wood flooring, look no further than Floor City. We are America's First Step in Flooring and a leader in luxury vinyl plank and tile floors. Through our nationwide network of flooring distributors, we offer local pickup, fast shipping, and some of the lowest prices online.

Recommended Brands

Coretec Vinyl Plank, Shaw Floorte, Armstrong LVT/LVP

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Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP)

Vinyl floor planks bring realism to every design with high fidelity printing techniques and proprietary embossing methods. Luxury vinyl wood plank flooring is popular choice among residential home owners, rental properties, apartments and commercial spaces. Whether you get a lot of foot traffic or little, vinyl planking is a smart choice because of it's durability and affordable price. Vinyl plank flooring isn't just an inexpensive option, it simply out performs other options on the market. If you are comparing vinyl plank to laminate, real hardwood or engineered wood you will see how much more resilient it is to scratching and is usually 100% waterproof or water resistant.

Vinyl wood plank flooring are commonly referred to as LVP or LVT commercial grade vinyl tile flooring that looks like wood planks, which stands for Luxury Vinyl Plank or Luxury Vinyl Tile. If you're looking for the best rated click lock or glue down vinyl wood planks then look no further than Floor City easy to install LVT flooring. We offer the most popular peel and stick Armstrong LVP, floating floor and premium glued down wood look vinyl flooring options. Buy high quality resilient vinyl wood planking for your home, office space or retail store.

LVT / LVP Floor Facts:

Luxury vinyl planks is a flooring option that combines the beauty of hardwood or stone into a waterproof floor capable of withstanding high foot traffic areas. Resilient vinyl planks are a commercial grade floor tile that come complete with natural colors and a durable wear layer thickness designed to protect your rustic floors. LVP Flooring is ideal for kitchens, bathrooms and mudrooms due to being naturally water, mold and mildew resistant. Interlocking vinyl tiles and floating vinyl wood floors are one of the best options for a do it yourself flooring installation. With luxury vinyl plank flooring or lux vinyl tile, maintenance is low due to the durability of the vinyl floor plank making it an inexpensive high-quality flooring solution. Reach for a more elegant wood look with luxury vinyl plank flooring manufactured by Armstrong, the leader in vinyl wood plank and stone flooring.

Vinyl luxe plank almost always come in a wood grain pattern but a few manufacturers have created other natural looking designs to emulate granite and stone. Engineered vinyl planks (EVP) are a popular choice for homeowners and commercial contractors due to it's lower maintenance and durability. Peel and stick floor tile offers no adhesive options that are more commonly found in residential homes, this type of flooring is called a floating installation or self-adhering planks. Peel and stick vinyl plank flooring is very popular among homeowners. Whereas, gluedown options are recommended for commercial vinyl plank floors so they do not shift or peel under high traffic conditions or hot and cold environments.

Vinyl Wood Plank Sizes:

Vinyl wood plank flooring strips come in 4-8 inch widths and 36-48 inches in length. Some brands create varying lengths which creates a unique random look. That means that some pieces could be 36" inches long and another piece in the same carton could be 48" inches long. Commercial vinyl wood flooring planks are one the most durable and can withstand heavy loads and are also highly scratch resistance. One advantage to vinyl wood flooring vs. real hardwood is the ease of replacing a damaged or stained plank. Real hardwood is almost impossible to replace but commercial grade vinyl plank flooring is able to be fixed by just pulling up the damaged planks and replacing them with new realistic LVP vinyl wooden planks.

Vinyl Plank Flooring vs Hardwood

Hardwood flooring is beautiful and the texture is 2nd to none; however the durability of vinyl plank flooring and the cost comparison can't be matched. If you are trying to get the look of real hardwood floors and would like to not only save money but end up with product that will last decades, choose vinyl tile that looks like wood aka LVT (luxury vinyl tile) commercial grade tile flooring.

LVT Pricing & Installation Costs:

The average cost of commercial high grade luxury vinyl plank ranges from $2.50-$4.50 per square foot. This price depends a lot on the brand and the level of grade in the lvp flooring. Installing Armstrong vinyl plank flooring costs about $1-$2 per sq. ft. depending on the condition of the existing floor. There are a few commercial vinyl planks that require no adhesive but most commercial grade vinyl planks will require special glue or epoxy adhesive.

Resilient Plank vs Laminate Flooring

Vinyl plank flooring vs laminate: LVP/LVT is more durable than resilient laminate flooring but is also usually more expensive. The composition of the material offers more flexibility that laminate as the way the surface is engineered. Think of laminate as a pressed on layered composite vs vinyl plank or luxury vinyl tiles are meshed together with a top coating that is able to withstand scratching and staining of common elements.

Vinyl Wood Look Flooring Options

One common question that we get asked is what type of vinyl wood flooring should we get? Our response is usually Armstrong Natural Creations or Vivero if you can afford it but more importantly before we talk about budget I usually start by asking what the space is used for. The physical requirements for LVT (vinyl flooring that looks like wood) for a home or commercial setting can be a drastic difference in price, design and size / dimensions. However, it has become a popular trend that homeowners will purchase commercial or light industrial grade vinyl wood plank or tile flooring to ensure a more durable finished product. If it's for your home and cost is first on your list then I would say that 12 mil wear layer is a reasonable place to start and 20 mil wear and 1/8" thickness for commercial standards.

Vinyl Plank Flooring (2024)
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