Who is Lana Rhoades' Baby Daddy? His Real Name Revealed (2024)

Lana Rhoades’s baby daddy has been identified by several sources as Blake Griffin, the NBA star. This unverified information was revealed through a viral Instagram post that the former actress had allegedly made. However, it has been revealed that ButtCrack Sports, a popular parody and satire account, fabricated the viral video post.

Rhoades has always been cagey when revealing who fathered her son Milo. The closest she came to revealing who he is was by inadvertently informing the media and the general public that he was an NBA star when she advised young ladies never to have babies with NBA players. Before the unverified claims about Blake Griffin being the baby daddy, other NBA players and somewhat famous personalities have been suspected as the baby daddy of Lana Rhoades. This article takes a look at every aspect of this story.

Lana Rhoades Had Her Baby in January 2022

According to various verified sources, including her Instagram account, Lana Rhoades welcomed her son Milo in January 2022. Born Amara Maple on September 6, 1996, the actress, who became known as Lana Rhoades upon her entrance into the adult film industry, disclosed that she was pregnant via an Instagram post she made in June 2021.

Next followed a frenzy of excitement from her fans and other interested observers. Regardless of the spectrum of excitement, one question remained for everyone concerned, and that question was centered around the identity of the man who was responsible for Rhoades’ pregnancy.

Rhoades kept this information to herself during the months leading up to her son’s birth, which expectedly led to lots of speculation involving all the men the actress had ever been with romantically.

Blake Griffin was Revealed as Lana Rhoades’ Baby Daddy

After months of silence on Lana’s part, amidst speculation surrounding the identity of her baby daddy, the social media influencer dropped some clues about who he may be. She started by calling out NBA players for not being nice guys and then telling the world, via her podcast, 3 Girls, 1 Kitchen, that she had been in a relationship with an NBA star who played for the Brooklyn Nets.

She then went further to include that the man in question was a Libra who had rudely discarded her when she informed him that she was pregnant. Two candidates, Kevin Durant and Blake Griffin, quickly sprang to the minds of most people when she finished her revelations.

The whole issue continued until she posted a video of her son while he was sneaker shopping with her. The fact that the boy, Milo, strikingly resembled Griffin largely settled the argument in his direction. To butress that point, a Twitter account @Affirmative Talk posted side-by-side pictures of Milo and Blake as a baby to highlight the similarities between them.

Durant, who is yet to become a father, was further removed from the equation when Lana revealed that the father of her son already had children. Griffin has two children with ex-fiancee, Brynn Cameron.

The unverified possibility about Griffin being the father of Rhoades baby was made to seem all the more like reality when a viral Instagram video of a photo of Milo, with an inscription telling Griffin to come and see his son before he was shipped off to China, started making the rounds.

The video appeared on Lana’s IG page but was later revealed to be a doctored image and confirmed to be the work of an unreliable satire and parody Twitter account @ButtCrack Sports.

Other People Suspected to Be Lana Rhoades’ Baby Daddy

Way before Rhoades’ revelation that the father of her child is Blake Griffin, several of the actress’ old boyfriends were looked at as possibly being her baby daddy. The men involved include, as previously mentioned, Kevin Durant, Tristan Thompson, and Mike Majlak.

It is perhaps imperative at this point to unveil the fact that Rhoades was once married to a man known simply as Jons. She was 18 years old then, while her now ex-husband was 27 years old. Not much is known about the union except that it ended after five years, and the reason has remained a mystery.

However, the public did not pay much attention to Lana’s history with Jons because that aspect of her life was long over before she became pregnant with and eventually had her son. Let’s examine the other men many suspected to be the father of Lana’s child.

Mike Majiak

Almost immediately after her marriage to Jons ended, Lana Rhoades started dating YouTuber Mike Maijlak. Their relationship started in early 2020 after they were introduced to each other by mutual friend Paul Logan. The relationship ended later that year, and the YouTuber even let the world know that the relationship had ended.

It was surprising, though, at least to Mike and several others, that when the news about the unknown identity of Lana’s baby daddy started making the rounds, his name was thrown into the hat. At one point, he became confused and demanded a DNA test.

The possibility that he was the father was debunked following Lana’s revelation that the father of her child was an NBA player who played for the Brooklyn Nets and who is also a Libra.

Kevin Durant

At the time of Rhoades’ revelation, Kevin Durant was the only NBA player on the Nets team that fit Lana’s description. According to sources, the NBA star dated the actress when she got pregnant. None of these sources have been verified, and Kevin’s involvement was dismissed after Lana pointed out that her baby daddy already had children. KD has revealed his reasons for not having children yet as being unprepared for the responsibilities that come with having one.

Tristan Thompson

Before disclosing the identity of her baby to the media, Lana stoked the fires of speculation by publicly calling out the father of her child for not being involved in their son’s life. The moment she did this, attention turned to a player, Tristan Thompson, who has never played for the Nets but has a history of abdicating his fatherly responsibilities.

Eventually, the possibility of him being Milo’s father was neutralized after Lana posted a picture of herself and the boy on social media.

Who is Lana Rhoades' Baby Daddy? His Real Name Revealed (2024)
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